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Please visit for more information about the club. 

Updated - 1/1/15

The webpage has been updated to reflect our plans for the upcoming Summer 2015 Track Season.

Please continue to check the facebook page for day-to-day updates.

Feel free to contact Coach Schmitt if you have any further questions.  623.853.6903

Happy Running!                                                                                                                      - 1/1/15 


Please visit and like the facebook page in order to continue to receive updates.




Happy Running!                                                                                 - 10/3/14 

Results + Calendar

Results from our meets are now posted on this site... check them out.  There are quite a few PR's being earned.


The May calendar has been updated for athletes and families easy access.


Just another reminder to keep checking out this page for updates, but also to check out our Facebook page as that is where many of our updates and pictures are being posted for easier access.


Happy Running!                                                                                      - Tuesday 4/29/14 

4/25 & 4/26 - Let's get some medals


Instead... come out to the GUHSD Track Meet and watch the Flash high school runners compete for top medals in one of their last track meets of the year.

** Please plan to be at South Mountain High School around 7:00AM
** Please bring plenty of water and snacks

4/12/14 Practice Canceled

We will not be holding practice on Saturday 4/12/14 at the mountain.  Athletes are still encouraged to run four miles with hills if possible.  We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Amazing Weekend

Thank you to all the friends and family of Glendale Flash who have come out over this past weekend to show your support.  Some great things have been happening!

Track Meet...

At the track meet on Saturday, we had 13 athletes compete in 27 events and had 21 Personal Records

Everyone who came out to cheer and support our team made the event a great experience.  The wind was a bit much and I think we all got a little bit too much sun.  It was a great day out there and I am very proud of all our athletes.  The last couple weeks of speed work have really started to show.  Let's keep up the good work.


AZ Kids Triathlon...

We had 43 volunteers show up representing Glendale Flash!  It was amazing!  We helped put on one of the biggest and best youth triathlon events in the state of Arizona.  We couldn't have done it without the help of all the friends and families and supporters of the club.  I am excited that the event organizers will be making a donation to our club to help fund our costs for going to Regionals (Denver) this summer.

We also made some great connections with other events and coaches which may produce some great opportunities in the future.


I just wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoy being part of this club.  It was a dream of mine to start a club that would have a positive impact on youth athletes and this past weekend has demonstrated how far we have come in a just a few short years.  I look forward to even more amazing things to come.


Happy Running! - Sunday 3/16/14 

Lots Going On

Friends and Family,

We have a lot going on in the next couple weeks and need your help and support.

1. Basketball Ticket Raffle - the raffle ends this weekend and we need everyone making one final surge to sell as many tickets as possible!  The goal was to sell 120 tickets.  Please see Coach Trevizo to turn in money and tickets and/or get more raffle tickets.  Thank you to everyone who has been selling tickets.


2. Team Fundraiser - on March 16th (Sunday) we have the opportunity to make some good money for the team by working another community athletic event, the AZ Kids Triathalon.  The event will be taking place at Kiwanis Park in Tempe.  Lets get as many people out there to represent Glendale Flash as possible.  Please see Coach Schmitt for details and to sign up. 


3. Team Luncheon - on March 23 (Sunday) we will have our spring Team Luncheon.  Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Chips, Drinks, Music, Games, and all sorts of fun.  We need as many friends and family to come out and bring your neighbors!  $5 a plate and all proceeds go to the teams general fund to help pay meet entries and travel fees.  Families will be responsible for helping to provide some of the needs for the event.  See Coach Ramirez for details.


4. Track Meets!  We have track meets coming up... 3/15 @ Copper Canyon - 3/29 @ Chandler HS - 4/5&6 @ ASU for the Phoenix Invite.  The athletes are going to have some great opportunities to compete and learn and grow and set new Personal Records (PR).  We need high school athletes and parents to help run the mini-jav at all of these events.  It is not hard to do and allows you the chance to be in the middle of the action.  See Coach Schmitt for when it is your turn to help out.


5. More athletes.... Over the next week, Coach Mai will be delivering flyers to the elementary schools to distribute to 3rd and 6th graders.  We will be handing out over 900 flyers, so lets be ready to welcome new runners onto the team.


6. GF Swag -  The team is looking at getting a few more shirts and hats / visors which we will be selling to parents to help represent the club at track meets and other events.  See Coach Mai if you have any specific suggestions.


7. Sponsors... we are always in need of sponsors.  If you know of a business that supports youth athletics, think about asking them to help support the team.  We will put their name on our website, we will also add their name to our banner (with a large enough donation).  Remember, our club is a 501c3 which means we are a non-profit so organizations can write off their donations on their taxes.  If you have any leads for a sponsorship, please share that information with Coach Schmitt.


8. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  Thank you to the friends and families who have helped to support the club and all events.  We can't do it without you.


Happy Running! - Monday 3/10/14 

Help Needed - Friends Wanted

Athletes, friends, family, everyone...

We have another wonderful opportunity to make a little bit of money for the team by working another valley sporting event.  The Kids Triathalon Arizona has asked us to volunteer at their event in exchange for a donation to the club.


Sunday - March 16, 2014

6:30AM - 12:30PM [6 hours]

Kiwanis Park - 6111 S. All American Way, Tempe, AZ, 85283

Bring your friends and family to come help out and have a great time.  This is our opportunity to make a name for our club and continue to get asked to these kinds of events.  It is only through the hard work of our families that we continue to have these experiences that help the club continue to offer such a great experience for our youth.  So spread the word and bring the people out.

** See coach Schmitt for details.



Athletes, friends, family, everyone...

We are having our spring Team Luncheon on Sunday March 23rd.  It is going to be a fantastic BBQ and our chance to connect the team with the communicty while hopefully making a little bit of money for the club.


Sunday - March 23, 2014

10:30AM - 2:30PM

Grand Canal Park - Bethany Home Road & just east of 83rd Ave - Glendale, AZ

Bring your friends and family and anyone.  We are going to be grilling up some hot dogs and hamburgers and possibly some nacho's.  We will have some games set up and some music that will make it a fun atmosphere to be a part of.  Plates will be $5 a piece and all proceeds go to helping the club meet its financial needs of track meet entries.  We need as many people there as possible.  Start spreading the word. 

** See coach Ramirez for details. 


Happy Running!                                                                                  - Sunday 3/2/14 

We are on Facebook

Family, Friends, Athletes, Anyone.....

We are on Facebook!  Check us out and like our page...

You will be able to check out all sorts of pictures and make comments on events, etc.  This will be a great way for us to communicate with each other and help spread the word.



Crazy Relays was last night and boy was it crazy!  Egg carry, twinkie / hoho eating, spinning, crawling, jumping, animal noises... you name it, we did it.

Athletes and coaches had a great time out there last night.  It is a great reminder of what makes being a young athlete so important... the FUN.

It is our hope that last nights fun can serve as a reminder as we put forward a dedicated six weeks of focused practice.  The next fun event is going to be a blast as well.



Our Basketball Ticket Fundraiser begins tomorrow!  Please see coach Schmitt to pick up your raffle tickets and begin the fundraiser.  We will be selling the raffle tickets for one month.  The goal for the team is to sell 120 raffle tickets.  We need everyone's help.



Monday - 2/24 - there will be a PARENT TRAINING MEETING that all families are expected to send one person to.  It is the responsibility of the Glendale Flash to run the mini-jav event at upcoming track meets.  Parents need to be trained on how to properly score and run the event.  The training will take about 1/2 an hour, it will be hands on, and will be very informative.  Please plan to have one parent representative from each family attend to get trained so that we can have ample volunteers at the track meets.  Together, we can make the load light for all of us.



Results from the indoor meet from NAU are posted on the results page.  6 new Personal Records (PR) were set.  Great job! 


Happy Running!                                                                                       - Tuesday 2/18/14 

Pancake Run - FUNDRAISER

Athletes - Parents - Families - Friends!

If you have signed up to work the Pancake Run next weekend [Feb 9], please see the information below.  The main contact for our club will be Coach Ramirez.  Please look for him at the volunteer check in area to see that you get signed up under the correct group and get everything you need.

It is not too late to sign up and / or bring an extra friend.  Every person we bring will help the club raise some much needed funds.  Please help.


Thank you so much for helping provide volunteer support for our upcoming 36th annual Runner's Den Pancake Run, scheduled for next Sunday, February 9, 2014.  Without your support, the event simply would not be possible.  Following is the general info you will need to make your participation a success.

Event:  Runner's Den Pancake Run

Date: Sunday, February 9, 2014

Location: Paradise Valley Mall, NW corner of Tatum and Cactus,  northeast side of outer loop of Mall, opposite Dillard's, directly west of 46th St. entry road to mall.

Time: Onsite, no later than 6:30am - approximately 10:45am

There will be a check-in area for your volunteers who will each sign in individually.  In addition, there will be a box for each of you containing the shirts you requested.  

Areas of responsibility will  include, course aids stations, course monitors, food service, finish area aid stations, clean-up, etc. Your flexibility is appreciated as we assign jobs on site, as we need to fill an area.

At the end of the event, we will have the kids take turns getting served IHOP Pancakes.  Please wait for us to give you the nod that the time is right.  We will also have Pancake gift certificates for each volunteer to redeem at their local IHOP for another Pancake treat, following the event.


Happy Running!                                                                                              - Monday 2/3/14

First Track Meet

Glendale Flash had our first track meet this past weekend with huge success.  Nine athletes competed in four different events.  Of the 14 events that our athletes raced in... 10 set new Personal Records (PR)... 5 earned an award!

The weather was great, the meet was well organized, and our athletes had a great time.  Thank you to everyone who came out and shared the day with us.  This was just the first meet of many this season.

Our next meet will be next weekend 2/1/14 at Westwood High School.  Sign ups for this meet will be at practice on Monday (1/27).

Be sure to check out the results page for the details of this first race.

Keep up the hard work!

Happy Running!                                                                                               - Sunday 1/26/14 

Volunteers Needed for Fundraiser

Athletes, Parents, Friends, and Family,

We have been offered the chance to work at a local road race as aid station crew (handing out water), course directions (making sure people go the right way), and course clean up (pick up cups and trash and equipment).  The work is not challenging and the benefits are great.   Here are the details:

WHEN: Sunday - February 9th - 6:30am to 10:30am

WHERE: Paradise Valley Mall

WHO: Any workers age 10 and up able to do focused work for four hours

What you get: A free t-shirt, a pancake breakfast, raise money for Glendale Flash.


The more people we get to go, the more fundraising we are able to get.  The more people that go, the more fun you will have.


Please contact coach Ramirez or coach Schmitt as soon as possible.

PS> High school runners, you can use this as NHS volunteer hours... bring your friends too!  I will also give you one free regulation meet entry for each person you bring.


Happy Running!                                                                                        - Wednesday 1/8/14

Track Season

On behalf of the Glendale Flash Running Club I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that 2014 brings the utmost joy, prosperity, and wonderful health.  We all know that a secret to great health is exercise.  That is why our summer track season is just around the corner.   The calendar has been updated for January.  Be sure to check it out and stay up to date on when and where and what we will be practicing.


A few things to mention as we start the new year...

1. Any parents or family members or graduated runners interested in serving on the Board of Directors for the club should contact coach.  We are looking for two new board members this coming year.  You won't regret it!


2. The club MUST have your blue registration form for you to practice and/or compete during the summer track season.  Please be sure to bring that filled out to your first practice.   If this is your first season racing, we will also need a copy of your birth certificate or passport.  Athletes without these forms will not be allowed to participate.


3. If you have a balance on your account, please do all that you can to even that out as soon as possible.  The beginning of the track season is the hardest financially and we need all the help we can get.  For those athletes that have concerns over their account balance, I encourage you to speak with Coach Schmitt as soon as possible.  Also please be prepared to help with any of the fundraising activities we have planned this season.


4. Be ready to work hard.  As our club as grown in numbers, we are determined to grow in notoriety as well.  We will start winning events at track meets this season.  That will only happen through the hard work and dedication of not only the athletes but the parents as well.  This is a full team effort and we need everyone to be committed to working hard and getting better.


5. Travel for track season will consist of many east side track meets (Westwood High School and Mesa Community College).  Athletes are responsible for their own transportation to and from track meets.  The big travel trip this season will be DENVER, COLORADO over the Fourth of July weekend for the Region X Championships.  Please start saving now as that trip will likely be 4 - 6 days and cost will likely be over $300.


As always, if there is ever anything that any of the coaches can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.


Happy Running!                                                                                       - Monday 12/30/13

Winter Banquet

Wednesday - December 18 - 6:30pm


Peter Piper Pizza - 43rd Ave & Glendale


Please plan to bring your friends and family as this season's banquet is also a fundraising opportunity.  A percentage of all the purchases made at PPP the evening of the banquet will be returned to the club as a donation.   Bring out the whole crew!  Buy some pizzas for dinner, buy your tokens for games from the counter (not the machine) and enjoy the whole evening.  We will be giving out awards earned throughout the season, we will be saying good bye to some of our graduating runners, and we will be gearing up for the summer track season.

This banquet will also serve as our winter Board of Directors public meeting.

Also, please plan to bring whatever funds you can to close out the balance on your athletes accounts.

Can't wait to see you all there with your family and friends and teachers and neighbors.  Please help spread the word to any of the athletes on the team who might not have heard when the banquet is.  Thanks.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


<PS> Please bring a flash drive with any pictures you may have taken this past season so that I can get them loaded onto the teams picture website.  Thanks.


Happy Running!                                                                                       - Friday 12/6/13

Luncheon Canceled

The luncheon we had planned to have in the park this weekend (12/1) has been canceled.  However, we will still be doing the drawing for the Football Raffle on that day.  Therefore, ALL raffle tickets and money need to be turned into coach at Saturday's practice.   Please call and/or text him if you have any questions.  Thanks.


Happy Running!                                                                               - Friday 11/29/13

On To Nationals....

This past weekend the Glendale Flash had some great performances at the USATF Region X Cross Country Championships.  We had 12 runners qualify for nationals!  Be sure to check out the results page to see some new Personal Record (PR) times set by runners and to see our National qualifiers.


As we gear up to head to Nationals, we need everyone's help.

1. Football Raffle Tickets.  Please get as many of them sold as you can and turned in by SUNDAY!  We are doing the drawing on Sunday and I need all raffle tickets and money by that time.

2. Lunch in the Park.  We are doing another lunch in the park this SUNDAY.  83rd Ave and Bethany Home.  Lunch will start around 11 and go till about 3.  We are serving menudo and posole.  We will also be doing the raffle drawing at the lunch.  So bring anyone and everyone out that you can.

3. Sponsors.  If you can think of anyone that might be looking to sponsor our trip to nationals, please help me get in contact with them.  Every little bit helps.




In other news, this is the last week for youth cross country practices.   Youth practices will start up again in January with the track season.  It is my hope that youth athletes will stay active during their time off and run at least twice a week.

High school practices will continue through XC Nationals and then they will take their break and return after the holidays to wrap up their cross country season with some base training for their high school track season.



The Cross Country Banquet will be held on December 18th.  It will be at Peter Piper Pizza (43rd & Glendale) at 7:00pm.  The banquet will also serve as our official Board of Directors meeting.  So please plan to attend.


As always, please do not hesitate to call or text me if there is anything that I can do for you.


Happy Running!                                                                                          - Wednesday 11/27/13

Regionals Here We Come!

Wow!  So many amazing things are going on with the club.  Let me see if I can capture them all...


Association Meet

Glendale Flash had 31 runners compete at the USATF Arizona Association Championship Cross Country race this past weekend.  That is a club record for the amount of runners.  They all did great.  You can see results from the meet on our results page.

All of our athletes qualified to go to the USATF Region X Cross Country Championships this next weekend in El Paso, Texas.  Information about that trip is below.

It was fantastic to see the hard work of our athletes come to light in the race.  There was some great competition out there and we are all growing stronger and faster.



A couple weekends ago we held our first ever Fundraising Lunch.  The food was donated by the families of club members and all the money raised went toward our Regional and National travel fund.  The menu was amazing.  Tacos and nachos with beans and rice and desert and drinks.  We played games in the park, danced to music (coach Trevizo also did some break dancing along with Jorge).

We sold over 85 plates that day and everyone had an amazing time.

There will be another luncheon as a fundraiser for nationals on December 1st.  You won't want to miss it.


Raffle Tickets

We are quickly coming to an end for our raffle ticket fundraiser.  Athletes and parents are continuing to try and sell as many of the football raffle tickets as possible.   All the proceeds from this fundraiser go into our Regional and National travel fund.

It is not too late to still sell a few more raffle tickets.  You can pick up more from Coach Schmitt at any practice.

The drawing for the winner will be on December 1st.  That is the same day as our next fundraising luncheon, isn't it cool how those things work out.  Come out to the park and have a great lunch and find out who the winner is of our amazing Cardinals Football Package.

All raffle tickets must be turned into a coach by November 30th.



Glendale Flash will be taking 26 athletes to El Paso, Texas this weekend for the USATF Region X Cross Country Championships.   That is AMAZING!  The most athletes that our club has ever taken to this level of competition.  The vans are reserved, hotel rooms ready, and the team is prepared for some great racing and an even more memorable trip.   This is an experience our athletes will remember for many years to come.

Results will be sure to be posted as soon as we get them and our National Qualifiers will begin preparing for the trip to San Antonio.



I wanted to take a quick moment and thank those companies and families that have helped make the dreams of our athletes help come to realization through their financial support.   It is because of the generous people of our local community, our running community, and our global community that this club is able to do the things that we do to positively influence the lives of our young athletes.

Special thanks to Angels Heating and Cooling.

Special thanks to the Ramirez family.

Remember, anyone can help the club.  Visit any Wells Fargo branch to make a donation to the Glendale Flash bank account.  You can do so anonymously or send me an email and I will be sure to put your name on our sponsors page and potentially more.  Or feel free to write a check and give it to any of the coaches.  Every little bit helps and we appreciate it.


I am so excited for this weekend, and what is to follow.  When this club started four years ago with less than five athletes, I had no idea that we would be taking multiple vans with dozens of athletes to the Regional level of competition this quickly.  I am so impressed with our athletes and their families and our community.  Check back often for more updates.

Happy Running!                                                                                     - Tuesday 11/19/13

Fundraising Lunch

All athletes, parents, friends, and family.... Please help spread the word for our Fundraising Lunch highlighted below.  The more people out there, the more fun and the more money we can raise.  All funds raised through our fundraising is put toward our travel fund to help reduce the cost for travel for all athletes.

See everyone this week for two amazing practices and then our last race before Associations this weekend!

Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything that I can do for you.

High school athletes coming out this week... practice starts at 7:00pm.


Happy Running!                                                                           - Monday 10/28/13


Practice this Saturday - 10/26 will be held at the canals for YOUTH ONLY.  Practice will start at 7am.  Coach Ramirez will be leading this practice.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me


Happy Running!                                                                                                   - Friday 10/25/13

Off & Racing

Results are posted from our first Cross Country race this season.  We did great!

We have quite a few races left this season and I am excited to see how much better we can get.



Happy Running!                                                                            - Tuesday 10/15/13

Cardinal Football Ticket Raffle

The Glendale Flash Running Club is currently selling raffle tickets to an upcoming Cardinals football game as our big fall fundraiser.  Please help support the team by purchasing a ticket from any of the runners or by picking up some tickets to sell at your place of school or business.  Thank you so much!

Happy Running!                                                                                          - Friday 10/11/13


Please help spread the word to our high school athletes that we will be having a college prep meeting coming up in October.



October 13, 2012 [Sunday]

* Juniors @ 11:00am

* Seniors @ 12:00pm



Peter Piper Pizza - 43rd Ave & Glendale


What to Bring:

- Paper and pencil = everyone

- Volunteering status = everyone

- SAT/ACT Scores = seniors

- Current transcript = seniors

- Three schools you plan to apply to = seniors

- Status on letters of recommendation = seniors

- Scholarship status = seniors

- Contacting coaches status = seniors


Please invite your friends who may not be running for us, but are in need of this service.


Call or text me if you have any questions.  623.853.6903


Happy Running!                                                                                     - Wednesday 9/25/13


Can you believe it, the winter season starts next week.  I am soo excited!


Wanted to put an update here so everyone knows about the first practice which will be:




It is still going to be warm out for a few more weeks so athletes and parents need to ensure they are hydrated (been drinking water all day) and come with a water bottle to drink during practice.


Our first practice will be just a few miles.  We will warm up and cool down out on the street like normal, the rest of the workout will be on the track.  I will be looking to get a better idea of what kind of shape the athletes are in regarding endurance and speed.  We will also be reviewing our warm up drills and our stretching routine [which I would like to emphasize a bit more this season] along with some body weight drills.  There might even be some time for a game or two :)

High school athletes are welcome to attend if they are done with practice and be a supportive role model for our younger athletes.

It is likely that athletes will be sore after this first practice, but that is to be expected.  That is how we know we are getting back in shape!  Please be ready to support our athletes love of running.


Can't wait to see everyone out there.  Please bring friends!


Happy Running!                                                                                        - Friday 9/20/13


Can you believe it, the winter season is right around the corner.


Our first winter practice for the youth athletes (elementary and middle school) is going to be:


Monday - September 23rd - 5:30PM - Glendale High School Track


Please remember that temperatures will still be warm so it is important that athletes show up hydrated and with a water bottle.  We will do our warm up and cool down out on the street like normal and the rest of the workout will be done on the track.


Welcome Back!


It has been a little while since the last update, so I hope this finds all our parents and athletes in good health and good spirits.  The winter cross country season is now upon us, and what a great season it is going to be.


Tonight will be our parent meeting at 7:00pm on the Glendale High School track.  All parents are encouraged to attend to get a bit of information, meet the coaches, and turn in any registration forms that are completed.


The training calendar for September has been posted.  Our first practice will be on Monday - Sept 23rd.


I look forward to seeing everyone out tonight and on the first night of practice.


Please do not hesitate to call or text me if there is anything that I can do for you.


Happy Running!                                                                                  - Monday 9/9/13


As high school athletes transition to their high school cross country season, graduates prepare to head off to college, and the start of a new school year quickly approaches, the end of the summer Flash season is upon us.  This Saturday (7/27) will be the last official practice of the season.

Between now and the start of the winter Flash season, athletes are encouraged to call or text coach if they want to go for a run [I am more than happy to meet up with athletes and do some running].  Additionally, high school athletes should contact coach and let him know what their competition schedule will be this fall and he will attempt to make it to as many events as possible.

During the off season, please remember to take care of your body with continued exercise, healthy eating habits, continued hydration, as well to take care of your mind with supplemental reading, word games, and less television.


If there is anything that I can do for you during the off season (parents or athletes), please do not hesitate to call or text me.


Happy Running!                                                                                  - Thursday 7/25/13


There will be no practice this week!  July 8 - 11.  This is a time of rest for athletes who have been competing for a very long season.  Enjoy the time off and allow your body to recuperate.   I would encourage athletes to go for an entire week with NO running.  Staying physical by participating in other sporting events such as swimming, basketball, etc. would be a great way to allow your body and mind to get pumped up for the next cross country season.

Athletes who would like to go on a personal run with coach should contact him via text.

The remainder of the track season will be discussed at the banquet which will be July 14th at the Peter Piper Pizza on 43rd Ave & Glendale at 11:00am.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or text coach.


Happy Running!                                                                                 - Monday 7/8/13


Tell your families and friends... the Glendale Flash Chicken Nugget Contest is set.  Here are the details:


Saturday - July 6


Following the 4x800 meter relays... ~11pm


Mesa McDonalds (2130 West Southern Avenue)


1. Contestants may drink any volume and flavor of drink during the challenge

2. Contestants must eat a full order of large fries before consuming any chicken nuggets

3. Boxes of 10 chicken nuggets will be provided to a contestant when they have demonstrated they have completely finished the previous 10

4. Contestants are responsible for keeping their empty boxes of chicken nuggets for final counting

5. Urination is the only bathroom break allowed

6. Contestants may use any combination of dipping sauces as they desire

7. Any regurgitation during the competition or within the next 24 hours will result in a disqualification

8. Smack talk is allowable and encouraged

9. Interference with another's progress will result in disqualification

10. Coach reserves the right to revise these rules at any point before / during / or after the challenge


Any athlete competing at the Regional Meet will have a free entry into the challenge.  Athletes or family members wishing to compete will require a minimum $10 entry donation.


This is a fun tradition for our club, if not a little disgusting, so please plan accordingly to come out and cheer for the 4x800 Relays and then join us down the street for the Chicken Nugget Contest.  A special thank you to the Mesa McDonalds who is keeping their dining room open beyond regular hours for our special event and helping to support the fun.



PS> There will not be any practice on Monday 6/24 or on Monday 7/1.  Please make the necessary adjustments to your calendars.



Happy Running!                                                                                    -Sunday 6/23/13

Flash Qualifies 27 Entries for Regional Track Meet

This past weekend, the Glendale Flash Running Club competed at the USATF Association Track meet in Mesa, Arizona.  With athletes competing in all age groups and almost every track event, coach is more than pleased to report that we have 27 entries moving on to the Regional Track meet [July 5-7 in Mesa, Arizona].  Both boys and girls qualified in a range of different events.  Congratulations to all athletes who competed and to those moving on to the next level of competition.

Results from the track meet can be found on our results page.


PS> One of our own club parents (Monique Defrance) recently released her first single.  You can listen to her new song 'Adversity' on YouTube.  Check her out.

Happy Running!                                                                                          - Monday 6/17/13

Schedule for the rest of the season

The schedule for the rest of the season is now posted on the calendar.  It is also available from coach on paper.  Please refer back to the calendar whenever possible.


Some things to note:

* End of Season Banquet - July 14th

* High School practices will start at 6:00pm after the Regional Track Meet.


Never hesitate to call or text coach with questions about practices or what workouts should be.   As well, those athletes who are headed off to college in the fall and would like a training plan to follow while away at school, please let me know as soon as possible so I can have those ready for you before you leave.


Happy Running!                                                                                - Tuesday 6/4/13

No Practice Wednesday 5/29

There will be no practice on Wednesday 5/29.  Many of the high school athletes are graduating and we will be turning our attention toward their accomplishment.


I look forward to seeing all our athletes at the State Championship meet this weekend at Mesa CC.  Please text coach to find out what time you should be there.


Happy Running!                                                                                   - Tuesday 5/28/13

Welcome High Schoolers

First, a huge congratulations to all the high school runners who competed at the State track meet this past weekend.  It is always a pleasure to see a season (sometimes many seasons) worth of hard work come to its culmination at such a great meet.

However, high school athletics is just the middle of what you can potentially do with your running.  The club track season is in full swing and we have one regular meet (Sat 5/18 @ Central HS) and three Championship meets remaining this season.   It is a great opportunity for athletes to continue their training and compete at another level.  I look forward to seeing as many high school athletes out as possible this summer for what is sure to be the best season yet.

On that note, high school athletes will need to bring their registration form, copy of your birth certificate (if you are new to the club) with them to their first practice.


A few changes that have been made to the calendar but wanted to note here also:

1. The meet this weekend 5/18 will be held at Central High School.  Please plan to be at the track by 7:30 if you are in an early event.   As the team continues to get bigger, we will look at adding a third tent to our camp if we find that it is needed.  Athletes and families should plan to bring something soft to sit on, lots and lots of cold water (and gatorade for after running), snacks, and games to stay occupied.

2. There will not be any practice next Wednesday (5/22).  I will be out of town that day. I am encouraging athletes to still meet and workout.  On Monday I will discuss an option of one of the parents or high school athletes leading practice for the team so that athletes will not miss the opportunity to continue getting stronger.  On a side note, this instance just reaffirms the need for our club to have another coach helping out.  While I love the team and do as much as I possibly can, I am only one man and would really appreciate the help of another coach (even part time).


I am really looking forward to this summer.  We already have an amazing group of athletes out with us and I know of more that will be joining in the next week or so.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining the team, bring them out and show them around and let them experience the excitement.


A couple reminders:

- please bring water with you to EVERY practice.  The temperatures are going to be hot and get hotter.  Short and t-shirts are recommended.

- please help provide rides to your fellow athletes to practices and meets.  We need to act as a community and help support everyone.

- new uniforms are in.  If you would like to get a new one, please bring your old uniform in and we will change them out.  If you want to keep your old one and buy a new one, they are $30.

- parents and athletes will be offered the ability to order a team shirt at the track meet this weekend.  They are $10.  I will have a sign up sheet at the track meet in which people can sign up and choose their size and provide payment.


I am always available if athletes or parents have any questions about club or running or college prep.  The best way is to text me and ask or text and let me know a good time to call and talk with you.  623-853-6903


Happy Running!                                                                                  - Thursday 5/16/13

Bigger and Better

I would like to welcome all of the new members to the club who have joined in the past few weeks.  The more athletes that are able to participate in this great sport as a part of this team help to make everyone better.  I am looking forward to the addition of many of our high school athletes over the next few weeks as well.  This team has grown so much over the past few years and I am excited to see what the future holds for the Glendale Flash Running Club.

If you are still trying to decide if this is the club for you, please know that we have a rich tradition of being a strong team that focuses on becoming better runners, having fun, and preparing for what the future holds for us in terms of athletics and life.  I would encourage you to text or call me anytime with any questions you may have or to speak with any of the athletes currently on the team.  You are also welcome to come out to any of our practices and just give it a try.  What can I do to help you?


I am currently in the process of getting new uniforms for the team as well.  If you already have a uniform and would like a new one, I would be happy to trade your old one for a new one when they come in.  These new uniforms are of a higher quality (moisture wicking material) and are more appropriately cut for our athletes.  [The shorts are a little longer too]  It is my hope that an investment like this in one of the few pieces of equipment that we use will help our athletes and families take greater pride in their participation with the Glendale Flash Running Club.


The championship racing season will be here shortly.  Many of the youth athletes have spent the winter learning what their strengths are and we will be focusing on those as we head toward the qualifying meets.  This is going to be a great summer track season and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.


Side note: The meet scheduled for 4/27 was originally planned to be at Centennial High School but has been moved to Westwood High School.  Please plan accordingly.


Feel free to call or text me anytime with questions.  623.853.6903


Happy Running!                                                                                     - Monday 4/22/13

College Prep

Attention all Juniors and Seniors!


We are having our college prep meeting on Sunday, April 7th.  We will meet at Peter Piper Pizza (59th Ave & Glendale).


Juniors will meet at 11:00am.

- please bring the materials you were assigned from the last meeting.

Seniors will meet at 12:00pm.

- please bring the materials you were assigned from the last meeting.


Let coach know if you have any questions.  Please pass the word along to anyone who may not be checking the website.


Happy Running!                                                                                   - Monday 4/1/13

Wow - Almost April

Can you believe it is almost April already?!?  Where did the spring go... summer is right upon us and that will bring a lot of fun and excitement to the running club.   It has been a while since we have posted an update so here is some news...


- Please be sure to check your calendar and the website calendar for where we will be practicing on Wednesdays.  We will be changing locations to meet the needs of the club (running and recruiting).

- Wednesday practices will now focus a little bit more on longer endurance running to build strength and continue getting faster.


- There is only one track meet in April.  It will be on the 27th.

- A decision was made that Glendale Flash would not participate in the Phoenix Invite this April because coach will not be in town that weekend.  For such a large meet that many of the athletes have not competed in before, it would not be a good idea to have parents and athletes attempt to navigate on their own.  There will be a number of large track meets coming up in May and June for the club to participate in.


- High school runners have been running with their respective high school teams and achieving great success.

- Practice for high school runners on the Glendale Flash team will begin on April 22nd.  High school runners are welcome to start running with the team once they have finished their high school season.

- High school practices will start at 7:00 PM and go until 9:00 PM.  Those high school athletes interested in doing the Steeplechase, practice will start at 6:30 PM in order to get in extra steeple practice and drills.

- High school runners, please remember that you must complete a registration form before you will be able to compete in any of the meets.  If you are new to the team, I will also need a copy of your birth certificate.

- Please invite any and all high school runners who might be interested in the team to come try it out.  The more the merrier.


Coach would like to wish everyone a very blessed Easter and all the best wishes as we continue the track season through the month of April.


Happy Running!                                                                                        Monday - 3/25/13


Monday: 2/25

* We will be signing up for the track meet this weekend.  Please come prepared with an idea of what events you would like to sign up for.  We are now running regular outdoor track season events.  This is a great time to try a new event or continue to improve on a past event.  Also, if you are interested in trying out a field event, this will be a great weekend to do.

* March calendars should be available at practice tonight for pick up.


Wednesday: 2/27

* No practice!  Coach will not be able to make it to practice.  However, if you would like to schedule something with your teammates to still meet up and do the workout, you are encouraged to do that.



* Please send me your track meet schedule as soon as you can so that I can begin to put events on my calendar.

* Please text me ASAP if you will be able to come to the meet this Saturday as a volunteer.


Happy Running!                                                                                          Monday - 2/25/13


The track at GHS is undergoing repairs and will not be available for practice on Monday evening [2/18/13].  Add to that fact that it is also a holiday, plus that we will have had a track meet the day before.... there will be NO PRACTICE ON MONDAY FEBRUARY 18.  Please take the day off to spend time with your families and enjoy the rest.  Athletes, are encouraged to go run a few miles or participate in running games (like soccer).


Happy Running!                                                                                             Thursday - 2/14/13

Going to Flagstaff

Next weekend the Glendale Flash Running Club is headed to Flagstaff, AZ for the Arizona Indoor Classic.  This is a great meet and experience for youth athletes.  The whole track meet is done inside the NAU dome.  The track is 200 meters long so all running events should take that into consideration.   It makes for a very exciting atmosphere and experience.

The meet is on SUNDAY.  The meet starts at 8:00AM.  Please plan accordingly for snowy road conditions.  Be safe.

Athletes who plan to participate in the meet will need to sign up for events on Monday (2/11) at practice.  If you cannot make practice but would still like to compete, please text coach by Monday night.


High School Athlete - you are welcome to come and cheer / volunteer / and compete.  This meet is open to you as well and it may be a good opportunity to get out there and see how ready you are for track season to really get going.  Please text coach ASAP if you are interested in going.  There are only a few spots left in the coaches car, so it will be a first come - first served when it comes to rides.


I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  I wanted to acknowledge and thank the parents of our youth athletes who came out to practice on Saturday and either did the run with us (great job you two, what a great example you are for the kids, I loved having you out there with us) or who hiked North Mountain (not as easy as it looks huh).  I am excited to see how our parents can progress in their fitness as well this season.


Happy Running!                                                                                           Sunday - 2/10/13


The track season is definitely off and running (pun intended).  We had our first developmental track meet over a week ago.  While it rained on us the entire day (literally it never stopped raining), we made the best of the situation and ran some great races and earned a few ribbons.   We had our second track meet this past weekend and the conditions outside were much better.  That led to more fun for all the athletes and families as well as more ribbons earned for Glendale Flash athletes.  It is such a pleasure for me as the coach to see our young athletes work hard and race their hearts out.  New Personal records and awards make it even better.

We will get a weekend off from racing [practice at N. Mountain next Saturday] and then we head up to Flagstaff Arizona for the Indoor Classic.  This will be a great experience for athletes and families as indoor events are a whole different kind of track meet.  I am really looking forward to a great event up there.

Thank you to the high school athletes [Barrio, G, Jonny, Chewy] for their volunteering as lane line officials at the first two meets.  Other high school athletes should contact Coach Schmitt as soon as possible to reserve their opportunity to get their volunteer expectations in.



For a while now, I have been thinking of moving our Wednesday night practices.  While the canal location does provide a number of opportunities for the needs of training, the openness of the venue is not as conducive to safety as I would like.

For the month of February we are going to try out a new location for Wednesday night practices.  The location is a park located at 39th Ave and Glendale.  It is named La Pradera Park.  There are soccer fields and baseball/softball fields located there along with a playground and some basketball courts.  The park is smaller which will allow myself and parents to see athletes at all times.  The fields are generally in use so the lights are on providing another aspect of safety.  There are bathrooms and drinking fountains there as well.  The perimiter of the park measures one mile so warm ups and cool downs will be easy to do.  Further, it is a simple path for parents to walk for exercise as well.  This location should also provide opportunity to practice field events such as long jump and mini-jav for our athletes.

I cannot promise that this location will be better than the canals, but it is worth trying for our young athletes.  We will give this location a try during the month of February and then re-evaluate at that time.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call / text, or email me.


Happy Running!                                                                                     Sunday - 2/3/13

Fun Weekend Ahead

Wow, I can't believe that it is already Friday evening.  This weekend is going to be a great one for Glendale Flash.  Here is what we have going on... I hope you and everyone you know can attend all of these events.



First track meet of the year.  It will be at Westwood High School in Mesa, AZ.  The meet starts at 9:00AM, however I would encourage people to arrive a little early.  This is the chance for athletes and parents to really learn how a meet is run.  They will take things nice and slow and help teach as we go.  Please be patient with everyone as this is the first meet of the year.  They will get better for everyone.

If you are volunteering this weekend, please plan to arrive by 8:30am.

I will be there before 8:00am and will get the team tent set up and will have athlete meet bibs and other information at the team tent.  I encourage you to bring a chair, as track meets will last all day and standing / sitting in the grass is not always that pleasant.  Also bring a snack or some money for a snack.  Again, being there all day without anything to eat can be unpleasant.  

Please be aware of the weather and plan accordingly.  The track meet will still occur, even if it is raining.  Make sure you bring something to keep dry.

We are going to have a great time, I have no doubt about it.



Winter banquet will be at 11:00AM at the Peter Piper Pizza on 43rd Ave & Glendale.  Bring your friends and family, and come out to celebrate the hard work and success of our athletes from this past winter cross country season.  Families are responsible for covering the cost of their own meals.  There will be time for athletes to meet with the coach and talk about the past season and make plans for the future season.  As well, there will be time for parents to meet with the coach to discuss the past season and make plans for the future one.

This is a great opportunity for parents and families to interact with one another and show their support for their own athlete and the team.

Pass the word onto athletes who may not have been at practices recently.



Last practice for high school athletes for a few months.  Big time trial to show off how ready they are to dominate their high school track season.  I hope that parents and family will stick around and again show their support to these athletes.  They have worked hard and are excited to show it off.


If you have any questions about any of the events this weekend, please do not hesitate to call me.  I hope to see you all at each of the events.


Happy Running!                                                                                        Friday - 1/25/13

High School Time Trial


High School Parents and Athletes,

Let me first thank you for the trust you have placed in me to work with your athletes during the off season.  It has truly been a pleasure and an honor to work with such amazing athletes.  The work that you have done with them during the high school cross country season allowed the Glendale Flash Running Club to build an amazing team that placed sixth at the Junior Olympic National Cross Country Meet in New Mexico this past December.

Your athletes have been working hard almost the entire off season.  I did give them two to three weeks off of running to allow time for their bodies to rest and recuperate from a demanding cross country season.  We have since been working on building up a base for the upcoming high school track season.

To end the winter club season, we are going to wrap up with a one mile time trial.

I would like to invite you to attend this event to see the progress that your athlete has made in preparing for the upcoming season, to congratulate them on their success this past winter club season, and to build a baseline in which to determine their upcoming track season goals.  A little bit about how this time trial works:


Date: Monday – January 28, 2013

Time: 7:30PM

Location: Glendale High School Track


Details: The athletes will go for a long warm up (about four miles) at a nice steady pace.  [They will begin this at 7pm, so you do not need to show up till 7:30]  They will be given some time to stretch, use the bathroom, change their shoes, etc.  Then at 7:45pm, any and all high school athletes who have worked with the Glendale Flash Running Club this past winter will run one mile as fast as possible.  Athletes will finish and then go for a short cool down (about one mile).  Practice and their club season will be over at that point.  PS: It will be dark when we run, but that makes it kind of fun.  Please feel free to take lap splits and/or pictures of your athlete(s).

Reason: The reason I invite you is because you will be the one working closest with these athletes everyday.  The reason that I have them do a long warm up before the time trial is so that we can get a realistic baseline time in which to start their season.  I often suggest that this baseline should be the minimum time that should be run at any of the track meets this year.  Athletes often do not go into the first few meets of the year well rested, so this baseline time trial is used to also represent the fatigue that they will likely experience.

If you can make it, that would be great.  If you cannot make it, I totally understand.  If you would like to send another family member, please feel free to pass this information on to them.

I know in the past that athletes have truly enjoyed seeing their families come out to support this event.  I would encourage you to attend if at all possible.  In addition, high school coaches have been invited to attend and they would enjoy the opportunity to meet and talk with you about your athlete as well.


I plan to attend as many track meets that I can and hope to speak with (and recruit) as many athletes as I can for the upcoming summer club season.  If you could please encourage athletes to participate in club activities, I would greatly appreciate it.

I look forward to seeing you next Monday evening.


Happy Running!                                                                                 Monday - 1/21/13

Track Meet Sign Up

Parents and athletes, please do not forget that we will be signing up for events for the first track meet of the year which will be this weekend.  It is suggested that athletes choose just one or two events to participate in at the first meet.

Parents, I will also be looking to sign you up for which track meets you will be able to volunteer at.  Please look at the meet schedule and come prepared with which meets you can commit to helping at.  Remember that this will allow you greater access to your athlete during competition, it will give you a greater appreciation for the sport, it will help keep costs down at meets, and will put our club in a position to do more fundraising at future meets.  Our task this year is a very simple one that any parent can do.


Happy Running!                                                                                                    Monday - 1/21/13

Cold Weather Alert & Sand

Athletes, Parents, and Families,

Please ensure that you are planning accordingly for the weather this evening.  It is going to be very cold.  All athletes should have a minimum of a long sleeve shirt, gloves, and a hat of some kind (a hoodie would work also).  Advisable are sweat pants or long socks that can be pulled up to the knee.

The cold does not have to be a runners enemy.  Good training can still occur outside when temperatures are low.  Athletes must be prepared for it though.  Also please remember that athletes can lose just as much water in cold temperatures as they do in hot temperatures, so drinking water before, during, and after practice is still crucial.


The goal tonight is to practice a little bit of long jump (if the sand isn't frozen solid).  This means that your athletes may have a good amount of sand in their shoes and shorts and well, everywhere.  Please be aware and plan accordingly.


High school athletes - we will be doing a few miles on the roads and then going to the weight room.

See you tonight!

Happy Running!                                                                                                  Monday - 1/14/13

Letter to Athletes, Parents, and Families


Welcome to the 2013 Track Season!

The previous cross-country season was a huge success with the most runners that we have ever had on the team competing across the state and country.  It was the first of many years to come with Glendale Flash competing at the National Championships.  It was the first season of running for many athletes and it was a pleasure to watch all of the runners grow as athletes and as individuals.  Practices went from extremely warm to extremely cold, from light out to running in the dark, and from fun and exciting to more fun and exciting.  All of the success from last season now leads us into what is sure to be the best Glendale Flash track season ever.

I wanted to take this opportunity and thank everyone for all the hard work and dedication that they have put into the team this year and highlight a few changes and special notes for the coming track season.

New Season

o   Because it is a new season, Glendale Flash and USATF require athletes and parents to sign a new registration form.  This season the form is yellow.  Athletes must have this form signed and turned in before they will be allowed to compete at any track meet.

o   Any new athletes to the club must also submit a birth certificate before they are allowed to compete.  The birth certificate may be from any state/country and is only used to verify age.

o   The fee for a first time athlete with the club is $100.  As far as I have heard, Glendale Flash is the cheapest running club to be a part of in the Phoenix valley.  This fee buys the athlete a USATF membership for the season and a team uniform (as they grow over the years they are welcome to trade their uniform in or purchase a new one).  Additionally, registration fees are used to pay meet entry fees, facility usage fees, equipment costs, and other miscellaneous club costs.  Returning athletes registration fee is $50.  This fee renews the athletes USATF membership, pays meet entry fees, facility usage fees, equipment costs, and other miscellaneous club costs.  Half of the registration fee is due before the athlete can complete, the remaining amount is due by the end of the season.  If families are not in a position to be able to cover the entire entry fee, they are encouraged to talk with me to make arrangements.  No athlete will ever be turned away from the Glendale Flash Running Club because of money.


Longer Season

o   The track season runs from January through mid-July.  It is 28 weeks long.  The goal will be to have practice every Monday and Wednesday as we have in the past.  Practice times for athletes younger than high school will be from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.  Practice times for high school athletes (once their high school season is over) will be from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.  It is completely understandable that athletes will not be able to come to every single practice.  It is understandable that the coach will not be able to make it to every practice and some regularly scheduled practices will be canceled.  Please be sure to check the website regularly for any changes in practices.


Lots of Competition

o   There are 13 different track meets that athletes have the opportunity to compete in.  They are all held on Saturdays and Sundays (except for Regions which goes Thursday through Sunday) and spread out throughout the season.  Competing at every track meet will be quite an accomplishment.

o   Athletes are permitted to enter four events at each track meet (running and field).  It is advised that athletes do not do more than two running events in a track meet or more than two field events.  A combination of track and field events at each competition may make the day more fun for athletes and parents.

o   USATF is now charging per event for each competition.  This means that each event that an athlete signs up, there is a small fee.  The Glendale Flash Running Club will use the athletes registration fee to pay for their first ten events of the season.  [For example if an athlete does 2 events at each track meet, the club will cover the cost of the first five meets (2x5=10) and the family will need to cover the cost of all other events.]  This is not the ideal situation, but rather than increase registration fees, we will attempt to give this method a try.

o   Meet entries are due to the coach by the MONDAY before the race.  If entries are not provided to the coach by that date, then the athlete will not be able to compete in the meet.  Athletes will not be allowed to change events once they have signed up.  If an athlete signs up for an event and does not compete in that event, the family will be responsible for paying for that event.

o   The average track meet is from 8:00am to 3:00pm.  Some meets wrap up faster, some meets take much longer.  Athletes, parents, and families should expect that the multiple day meets are going to last longer each day because there are more athletes competing.  Families should plan to bring chairs and/or blankets along with a small cooler for water and/or Gatorade and snacks.

o   The Glendale Flash Running Club has two team tents that will be set up at the majority of meets as team meeting spot.  Please look for the red and white Glendale Flash banner!

o   Weather at the first few meets will be cold.  As the season progresses, weather at later meets will become quite hot.  Athletes and families should plan accordingly.  It is easier to take layers off when you get to warm then to try and find more clothes that you do not have if it gets too cold.


Volunteers at Meets

o   The Glendale Flash Running Club is responsible for providing three volunteers at each of the 13 track meets.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is that when clubs provide volunteers USATF does not have to pay people and it helps to keep the costs lower.  The second is that Glendale Flash will only be eligible to run the snack bar at future track meets if they have provided volunteers in previous meets.

o   The goal is that parents and family will do the volunteering.  It is my hope that as coach I am able to focus on being a coach and helping your athletes perform to their highest level and not need to be one of the volunteers.  Please make sure that you are doing your part to help the club with this process.

o   Volunteering will be broken down into two shifts.  The morning shift and the afternoon shift.  The morning shift will run from 8:00 to Noon.  The afternoon shift will run from 11:30 to the end of the track meet.  This will allow a half hour of overlap for volunteers to train/explain that days duties.

o   The Glendale Flash Running Club volunteers have been assigned Lane Judges this year.  This is a very simple assignment in which volunteers stand along the track (usually the corners and relay zones) to ensure that runners stay in their lane and that handoffs occur in relay zones.

o   The major benefit of being a volunteer at the meet is that parents and family get to be closer to the action.  During track meets, only athletes are allowed in the competition area.  Coaches, parents, and family must remain outside the fence.  However, as a volunteer you will be on the inside, right along the track.  While you do have a duty to do, you are also able to be right there cheering for your athlete and other athletes as they work their hardest.

o   Parents should please sign up with me, coach, as soon as they are confident that they will be able to attend and are willing to volunteer at upcoming meets.  For each volunteer shift that a parent or family member completes, they will earn the athlete of their choice an event entry to be paid for by the club.  Sign up is first come – first given.


Assistant Coach

o   I am in need of at least one assistant coach.  This can be a parent, an uncle, a past graduate who enjoys working with young runners.  They do not need to be a trained coach or do the planning of workouts.  At this time I am really looking for a volunteer coach who can help run practices, be an extra set of eyes and hands, and is able to come to meets in that same capacity.  I will do everything in my power to help them learn as much as they want about being a coach and am open to discussing new ideas and strategies if they would like to share.

o   Assistant coaches will need to be a USATF member and pass a background check.  The club will pay for these things if the volunteer is willing to commit to a full season of helping.

o   I will point out, just like the head coaches position, the assistant coach position is volunteer.  No coaches get paid for their time and energy.  Payment comes in the form of athletes smiles, sweat, performances, gained knowledge, and high fives.


Some Changes

o   Age Groups

--  Age groups will now be called by the ages of the athletes instead of the group names previously used.  For example: Sub-bantam is now called 8 and Under, Bantam is now called 9-10, Midget is now called 11-12, Youth is now called 12-14, Intermediate is now called 15-16, and Young is now called 17-18.  Again, age group is determined by the age of the athlete on the last day of the year.

o   Field Events

--  Glendale Flash Running Club is not just for running any longer.  With the track season upon us, we are looking forward to incorporating some of the field events into the mix as well.  Due to budgets and facilities, we will not be able to practice all the possible field events.  For our youth athletes, we will focus on the long jump, mini javelin, shot put, and hopefully hurdles.  For our high school athletes we will focus on long jump, triple jump, shot put, hurdles, and steeplechase.  [hurdles and steeplechase are actually considered running events]

o   Parent Workouts

--  I would definitely like to see more parents coming to practice and completing their own workout.  Our young athletes follow the example of their parents in many regards.  When they are able to see that their parents put an emphasis on their own health and fitness, the athletes are likely to do as well.  Parents are encouraged to walk/run the track and at the canal when we practice there and to go on a hike when we practice at the mountain.  Further, when parents are out doing a workout, it helps to provide an extra set of eyes when the athletes are working out.  Parents that are working out should encourage the athletes when they see them.

o   Drills / Rules & Regulations / Stretching / Sprints

--Each week for the first few weeks of the track season, the youth athletes will be focusing a new drill and learning a new rule or regulation for track.  I would ask that parents help remind athletes of these new drills when they are working out on their own and practicing them.

·Week 1 – Drill = Arms – Rule = Must be behind the start line and not move when they say “set”

·Week 2 – Drill = Toe Sprints – Rule = Staying in your lane versus cutting into lane 1

·Week 3 – Drill = High Knee / Butt Kick – Rule = Long jump rules (runway order, jumping off the board, leaving the pit)

·Week 4 – Drill = Arms – Rule = 1st call – 2nd call – 3rd call – check ins for events

·Week 5 – Drill = Leg swings – Rule = Javelin rules (runway order, crossing the line, leaving the runway)

·Week 6 – Drill = Relay Hand offs – Rule = exchange zone rules

·Week 7 – Drill = Stretching – Rule = Hurdle rules


High School Athletes

o   High school athletes are welcome to come out to practices once their high school season is over.  For some that will be in mid-April, for others it will not be until the state track meet is over in May.

o   I will do my best to attend as many of the high school track meets that I can to cheer for our athletes.  I will also use those opportunities to recruit new runners.

o   I ask that all high school athletes talk positively about the Glendale Flash Running Club and encourage their friends and teammates to join the club.

o   Juniors and Seniors will continue to work through the Glendale Flash College Prep program.  We will meet a few times during the season (usually on Sundays).

o   High school athletes that are interested in running the steeplechase.  You will need to come to practices starting at 6:00pm in order to do steeple drills and stretches.


More athletes!

o   I always encourage athletes, parents, and families to invite others to come check out and join the club.  The more athletes there are, the better we will all get and the more fun we will have.

o   If anyone has connections with the elementary schools that I might be able to distribute flyers or meet with physical education teachers, please help me make those contacts.


Wow, that was a lot of information!

Athletes, parents, friends and family are always welcome to talk to me about anything related to track & field or cross country.  I will attempt to be as much help as possible.  Please remember that there is only one of me and very many of you, but that together we will make this team and this season the most amazing ever.

Happy Running!                                                                               Wednesday - 1/9/13

A New Year and a New Season

On behalf of the Glendale Flash Running Club, I would like to wish all runners, parents, family, and friends a very Merry Christmas (or happy holiday) and the best for the coming new year.

I would like to invite all athletes and parents out to the first practice of the track season on December 31st.  We will be meeting at Glendale High School at noon.  We will have two main purposes: 1. Athletes will run a one mile time trial to determine a baseline starting point in which to build off for the upcoming season, 2. Athletes and parents will discuss the upcoming track season in terms of competition dates, travel opportunities, volunteer needs, and practice schedules.


I am looking forward to a very fun and exciting track season and hope that our youth athletes will invite friends to come and join the team, the more athletes the more fun and exciting it will be.  Along those same lines, we are definitely still looking for any parents or other family members who might be interested in becoming an assistant coach as well as those who might be interested in becoming a certified official.  Please have anyone interested contact Coach Schmitt as soon as possible.


Happy Running!                                                                                      Saturday - 12/29/12

Young Men Finish 6th at Nationals

The Glendale Flash young men's team placed 6th as a team at the National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships this past weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Results for Flash athletes are posted on our results & stats page.  As well, pictures from the trip are up on our photos page.  Be sure to go check them out and see all the fun things we did.

The race was amazing.  Congratulations to Ramel, Jesus, Albert, Jorge, and Alex.  Their hard work and dedication to the sport really showed off at a national level.

Congrats also to club friend Morgan Rische who placed 27th in the youth boys race.  It was a pleasure to have him along with our team for the races and other social events.


As we wind down from nationals, this will be our last week of winter cross country training.  There will be no club practice between Dec 13 - Dec 30.  Our track prep training will begin on Dec 31st.  Check out the calendar page for details.  During this time youth athletes are encouraged to rest and not run at all.  High school athletes should follow the workout plan provided to them.


Happy Running!                                                                                          Monday - 12/10/12

USATF Nationals & other info

USATF Nationals

The Glendale Flash Running Club will be taking a team of five young men athletes to compete at the USATF National Cross Country championships this week.  The team will leave Thursday mid-day and return Sunday evening.  The championship race is scheduled for Saturday afternoon.  Results will be shared as soon as they are available.  We would like to wish the best of luck to Alex Bates, Jesus Gutierrez, Jorge Pineda, Albert Ramirez, and Ramel Morales as they represent the team in Albuquerque this weekend.

Fiesta Bowl

As a club we had just over 60 volunteers show up at the Fiesta Bowl 1/2 Marathon this past weekend.  Volunteers enjoyed a free t-shirt and helped with such activities as working water aid stations, handing out medals to finishers, taking down fencing, and overall having a great time cheering for runners.  The event organizer was extremely pleased with our group and our hard work.  They are happy to make a significant donation to the team later this week which will be used to help cover travel costs for Nationals and other team needs.  This is a great opportunity for our team and we look forward to even more volunteers next year.  A special thank you to the GHS National Honor Society for organizing a whole group of students to come support us.

College Meetings

We will be having a college meeting at the following date and time:

** Juniors ** --> Jan 6th - 11:00 AM - Peter Piper Pizza (43rd & Glendale)

- we will be discussing progress made toward applying to schools, financial aid information, scholarships, running, and other things to prepare you for the transition from high school to college.  Be sure to bring all your information along with something to write on and with.

** Seniors ** -- Jan 6th - 12:00 PM -Peter Piper Pizza (43rd & Glendale)

- we will be starting the college search process.  Be sure to bring something to write on and with.

Winter Break

Many of the training plans call for a little bit of time off over the Christmas holiday.   Please be sure to use the designated rest time to allow your body the rest and recuperation it needs to prepare for the next season of training.  If athletes would like to schedule some one-on-one runs with coach Schmitt, please be sure to text him and let him know so he can plan accordingly.  On behalf of the Glendale Flash Running Club, we would like to wish all runners, families, and friends a very happy and safe holiday season.


Happy Running!                                                                                               Monday - 12/3/12

Fiesta Bowl - Cardinals Winner - Training Plans

Fiesta Bowl

The Fiesta Bowl 1/2 Marathon is this coming weekend, December 2nd (Sunday).  The Glendale Flash Running Club is attempting to send as many volunteers to this event as possible.  The race directors are gracious enough to provide a donation to the club for each volunteer that we provide, so the more the merrier.  They have asked us to cover water stations, set up, and tear down for the event.  All volunteers need to be at the Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza by 5:30AM.  Please bring warm clothing that you can remove as the day warms up.  You may also want to bring a plastic bag (like a bread bag) to keep your arm dry.  A snack is also a good idea to bring as we will be out there for quite a while.  We will be done volunteering at 1:30PM.  Again, we need as many people as possible.  Even if you cannot stay the whole time, please come out for the part that you can (be sure to sign in at the volunteer tent under Glendale Flash).

It is this fundraiser that will help cover the majority of costs for our trips to Associations, Regions, and Nationals.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call coach Schmitt.


Cardinals Football Ticket Winner

Congratulations to Lyn Tremblay who was the winner of the Cardinals Ticket Raffle.  She was quite surprised to receive my phone call and was just happy to help donate to a group that does so much for young athletes.


Any athletes who still have raffle fundraising money needs to get that turned in as soon as possible.


Training Plans

The training calendar has been updated to display a new training plan for athletes.  It is rather vague on the website.  Athletes will be provided a hard copy of the training plan which has more detail.

High school athletes will have their choice of one of four training plans to finish out the winter season.  Starting this week, athletes workouts will focus on a bit different training paths depending on what they are wanting to do with the end of their season.


I am super excited for a great week of training and running and laughing and being healthy with all the athletes. 


Happy Running!                                                                                                 Monday - 11/26/12

Runners Qualify for Nationals

Glendale Flash runners competed at USATF Regions this weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Seven of the nine runners qualified for nationals.  On a very challenging course with circumstances that were not ideal, athletes ran some great times.

Results are posted on the results page and new pictures from the trip are posted in the photos area.  Be sure to go check them out.



- All football fundraising tickets and money needs to be turned in on Monday night.

- All athletes who qualified for nationals need to notify coach by practice on Monday if they are planning to go to Nationals.

- Any athletes interested in running the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving should meet with coach at practice on Monday for details.

- Please keep working to get your friends and family signed up to help out at the Fiesta Bowl 1/2 Marathon.


Thank you to all the athletes and families that make this club such an amazing group to be a part of.


Happy Running!                                                                                                   Sunday - 11/18/12

Glendale Flash Rocked At Associations

This past weekend, Glendale Flash Running Club had 23 athlete compete at the USATF Cross Country Association meet in Tuba City.  13 of the athletes received medals, 5 of them received trophies.  More importantly, ALL athletes qualified for Regions next weekend in Albuquerque.  Be sure to check out the pictures and videos (  Results will also be posted soon on the results page.

Thank you to all the parents and families that came up to Tuba City to support the athletes.  They did a fantastic job, even under some tough weather conditions.  We are on our way to Regions before we know it.



* Practice this week will be at 7:00PM for all athletes (same locations)

* Coach will need to know by Monday night if athletes are going to Regions and how they are planning to get there.

* We will be discussing fundraising this week

The Weather Outside is Frightful (in Tuba City)

Quick update on the race this weekend (tomorrow) in Tuba City.  The weather is getting worse and worse each time I check.  I spoke with the race director this morning and everything is still planned as scheduled.  Athletes and parents need to ensure they are prepared for rain and snow along with the cold temperatures.  They are hoping to be able to open up the school gym or cafeteria for shelter, but that is not confirmed.  Please be prepared to stay warm outside as best as possible.

This will be a great trial run to see how we do in the cold.  Traveling to New Mexico next weekend looks like the weather will be a bit nicer (low 60's) but we all know how quick that can change.  Nationals is expected to be much colder.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or text me.


Happy Running!                                                                                                  Friday - 11/9/12

Tuba City Update

Wow!  Last night at practice we had almost 40 athletes.  I remember just a few seasons ago when the team only had 4 athletes.  I am truly blessed to be able to work with so many young runners.


This coming weekend is the first level of the USATF Junior Olympic racing series.  We are traveling to Tuba City!  Unfortunately, there is a cold front coming in this weekend and the race is going to be cold cold cold!

Here is a list of things that every athlete should bring:


What to Bring To Tuba City

ÿ       Uniform

ÿ       Racing shoes (flats, NOT spikes)

ÿ       Running shoes

ÿ       Sweat pants

ÿ       Long sleeve shirt (for under your jersey)

ÿ       Hoodie/jacket

ÿ       Gloves

ÿ       Hat

ÿ       Extra pair of socks

ÿ       Extra t-shirt

ÿ       Blanket

ÿ       Pillow

ÿ       Chair

ÿ       $$ for breakfast & lunch (or packed meals)

ÿ       Snacks

ÿ       Music player w/ headphones

ÿ       Camera


Those athletes that are going to need a ride, I have rented a large van.  We will be leaving the front of Glendale High School at 4:30AM.  Do not be late!  We are leaving at 4:30AM.  We will stop in Flagstaff for some breakfast very quickly and the plan is to be at the course by 8:15AM to get our packet and get set up.  Athletes will be encouraged to sleep in the van on the way up.


After all the races are complete and we have collected all the ribbons and plaques that we are going to win, the goal is to have a full team lunch at a local restaurant in Tuba City (which one has not been decided yet).  If families are willing to stay and join us to eat as a team, that would be great.  Cost of the meal is the responsibility of each athlete/person.

The van will then head back to GHS and the goal is to be back there before 6:00PM.


I am very excited for this weekend.  I have registered 28 athletes for the race... we may have the largest team there!  I know that our hard work and dedication to the sport is going to start paying off with great performances and great adventures.


As a heads up:

1. I will need to know before we leave Tuba City who is going to be traveling to Albuquerque the following weekend and how you will be traveling there.

2. Practice all next week is at 7:00 PM for all athletes.  Same locations, just different times.


Please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you.  Text me @ 623.853.6903


Happy Running!                                                                                                   Tuesday - 11/6/12

Here We GO

Congratulations to the high school runners who competed at the high school state cross country championships this past weekend.  All your hard work and dedication during the season has paid off.  Now it is time to celebrate... with more running!

Tonight marks the first night when all athletes who are expecting to compete in the Junior Olympic racing series must be at practice.  For each athlete I need your completed registration form, a copy of your birth certificate, and a signed press release.  We will coordinate rides to Tuba City tonight also, so please come prepared with your travel plans / needs.


A little heads up, next week practices will be at 7:00PM for all ages.  [this is for Monday 11/12 & Wednesday 11/14].  Please plan accordingly.


I am extremely excited for this winter season and all the fun times that it holds.  More athletes are joining the team which will help everyone reach new levels of training and race preparation.  Please encourage your friends to come join, even if they cant be part of the racing series, they can still get in a great season of winter training and be more prepared for their next season then ever before.


Thank you to all the family and friends that continue to help support our club.  We could not do it without you.


Feel free to contact coach Schmitt with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.


Happy Running!                                                                                                      Monday - 11/5/12

FLASH Brings Home Ribbons Galore

This past weekend, the Glendale Flash Running Club competed in their first cross country race of the season in Avondale, AZ.  For many of the athletes, this was this first race, for all of them this was their first cross country race.

We are more than happy to announce, that EVERY SINGLE FLASH ATHLETES EARNED AN AWARD for their performance.  There were a number of first places finishes for the team and other top honors.

This is just a sign of the great things that will continue in the clubs future.


In other exciting news, the high school program started last night (for those high school athletes who are not still competing with their HS team).  We had three new athletes join up last night and had an amazing workout.   Looking forward to all that this team is going to accomplish.


High school runners, please text coach ASAP to reserve a volunteer spot to the JJ100 this weekend.

So Much Going On....

1. Please read the post below about the change in location for the upcoming practices (note the date).


2. We are selling raffle tickets as a fundraiser.  A very special running family donated Arizona Cardinal (football) tickets and a parking pass to the team, a gift worth $200.   We are selling raffle tickets for $5.  We will pull the winner on November 19th.  It is my hope that every athlete will be able to sell five tickets (or more).  I set the goal of selling 100 tickets as a club.  If we can do more, lets do it!   I think this is a good way to make a little bit of money.  I would however encourage families to not buy raffle tickets just to buy them.  You already give enough to the team in terms of time and energy, please get strangers to help out.  If it helps, their purchase is considered a donation to a non-profit and they can write it off on their taxes.   As you sell tickets, please bring them to me with the money at practice.   The money raised from this event will help buy a team banner that we can hang on our tent when we travel as well as to represent us at the parade of athletes at the larger meets.   It is my hope that we can also purchase another team tent as the team has grown and we don't all fit under one tent any longer.  Any extra money will be put toward the van rental to take as many athletes as possible to New Mexico for Regionals and Nationals.


3. High School runners.... The Javillina Jundred volunteer opportunity is quickly approaching.  It will be on the evening of October 27th.  You will most likely have your sectionals race that morning and will do a fantastic job qualifying for state.  Then you will head home and grab a nap cause we are going to be up all night long!   Here is the plan:

Saturday night - Meet at GHS around 4pm... Travel out to Fountain Hills (I will need one other driver) and get some dinner along the way [you will need a few dollars for dinner].... Volunteer at the aid station from 6pm - 3am... yep, middle of the night... crazy fun... we will bring some battery powered radio and speakers for music, some flashlights, etc. and have a great time.... around 4am after watching a few people cross the finish line we will head home and be back at GHS around 5am... you will go home and sleep, then get up and do your homework!

I am going to need 5 - 8 high school athletes to come and do this with me.  It is a great experience, one that you will not forget.  Also a great way to do some team building.  Further, you will mostly likely get a free t-shirt out of it as well.   Please let me know ASAP if you would like one of the reserved spots!  They are filling up fast ;)


4. High School JV runners... your FLASH season is going to start right away.  If this coming Wednesday is your last meet and you want to race for the Glendale Flash at our meet on Saturday (10/20) you must get ahold of me before Wednesday so that we can get all the paperwork done and set up.

Otherwise, high school JV runners, our first official practice for high schoolers will be Monday October 22nd.  I can't wait.


5. It is never too late to invite your friends to come join the team.  The more the better.  I hope to have a huge team this year, and that is only possible through your help of talking with other athletes and encouraging them to come out and run with us.


If you have any questions or concerns or comments, let me know.  Happy Running!

Location Change!

A few changes to our locations for some upcoming practices...

Saturday - 10/13

* Instead of meeting at North Mountain, we will be meeting at Duck Park.  To get to Duck Park, take Peoria (going east) from the I-17.  It will come to 7th ave and force you to go south, follow it.  You will see Duck Park on your left side.  Find a parking spot.  [note, access to Duck Park from the south is very complicated, you are highly encouraged to come from Peoria]

* There is a cross country meet happening at the park that morning and I would like the youth athletes to get to see some of the races.  There is an open community race at 8am that coach Schmitt will be racing in.   If at all possible, it would be nice to have the youth athletes there to watch and cheer by 7:45am.   Their workout will be coaches cool-down starting around 8:30am.  We will practice for about an hour as we also watch the high school races.  Youth athletes are welcome to leave at 9:30 but are encouraged to stay and watch the high school Flash athletes compete around 10am and 10:30am.


Monday - 10/15

* Instead of meeting at Glendale High School, we will be meeting at Moon Valley High School.  To get to MVHS, take Cactus (going west) from the I-17 to about 38th ave.  You will see MVHS on the south side of the street.  We are not actually parking in the MVHS lot, but instead there is a public park directly west of the high school.  Please park in that parking lot.   Once you park there, walk over to the baseball backstop area, and look for us.

* This is the JV District meet for the high school athletes.  This is the last big race for those high school runners who are not on varsity and will be ending their high school season this week.  Lets get out there and support them.  This again is another opportunity for our youth athletes to see what cross country racing is like as we prepare for our first meet.  Practice time will remain the same; we will meet at 5:30pm.


Wednesday - 10/31

* We will not be having practice on Halloween.   This is a time for athletes young and old to spend honoring the traditions of the holiday with their family.   Athletes will be expected to work out on their own.


If you have any questions, or concerns regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to call Coach Schmitt at 623.853.6903.   Happy Running!


Thank you to everyone who came out for the first practice of the winter cross country season.  We had an absolute blast and I am confident that this is going to be the best Flash season ever.


A shout out to our newest youth runners:

* Riley

* CJ

* Makalia

* Kiley

* Bianca

* Naomey

* Ezma

And a welcome back shout out to our returning youth runners:

* Ben

* Kevin

* Carlos


Last night we did a two mile run and I am excited to see what great shape our athletes are coming into the season in.  I know that we will make some great improvements and will be geared up for Nationals!


A quick note, we will be moving practice times back a 1/2 hour for all levels.  To help with travel and timing with jobs, starting at 5:30pm will be more beneficial for everyone.  Please note this also means practice end times get moved back a half hour.  Here is what the timing will look like.

Monday & Wednesday

Youth Practice - 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

High School Practice - 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


In the next week or so I will be signing up high school athletes who want to volunteer at the Javillina 100.  If you are interested, send a text to coach 623.853.6903.   We will also be working on getting people signed up for volunteering at the Fiesta Bowl 1/2 marathon fundraiser as well as our Cardinal Ticket Raffle.  Stay tuned and I will see the youth runners on Monday night at Glendale High School out on the track.


Don't forget youth runners... four days till the next practice... two of those days you need go for a two mile run.  The goal is not speed, but to be able to run two miles without stopping.

Calendar Updated

The first practice of the season is less than a week away!  I am excited, and I hope you are too.

The club calendar has been updated with practices for the next two weeks.  Check it out.  See you guys and girls soon.


The first practice of the winter 2012 cross country season will be:


Wednesday - September  26th

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Thunderbird Paseo Park - 59th Ave & Thunderbird


** Athletes must have a completed and signed registration form in order to participate **

Please also plan to bring a copy of your birth certificate (if you have not already turned one in) and any payment that you are able to provide.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call, text, or email me.


-- This practice is for youth (younger than high school) only. --

Parent / Info Meeting - Sept 9th

We will be having our winter season parent / info meeting on September 9th.  Here are the details:


Parent / information meeting on the upcoming Winter 2012 Cross Country season.  We will cover workout schedules, racing schedules, fundraising, etc.


Sunday - September 9th - 12:00 noon (will last about one hour)


Thunderbird Paseo Park (59th Ave & Thunderbird) - near the bathrooms


Parents and athletes interested in having their athletes participate in the Winter 2012 Cross Country season


To turn in your registration forms and get important dates and information for the upcoming season


There will be a treat for everyone who is able to make it to the meeting.


I know I had posted earlier that I would be running after the meeting, but that needs to be canceled, sorry guys.  But text/call me and we can get a weekend run in together before the season starts.


If you have any questions before the meeting, please do not hesitate to call or email me.  See you soon!


End of Season Banquet

This has been a great season for the Glendale Flash Running Club and their athletes in terms of athleticism.  Though troubled with the loss of a great friend and family member to the club, our athletes still have much to celebrate.


Please come join us for our end of season banquet at Peter Piper Pizza (43rd Ave and Glendale) on Saturday (7/21) at 11:00am.   Families will cover the cost of food for themselves.  We will take a few minuets to celebrate the accomplishments of this past summer season and take a few minutes to highlight some exciting events coming up in the winter season.  I hope to see you all out there.  Give me a call or shoot me a text if you have any questions.

One of Our Own

As many of you have heard, Joe and Ben and their family have had a tragic loss.  They are hosting a car wash as a fundraiser tomorrow (Sunday - July 15) from 8am - 12pm at the CVS located on 75th Ave and Bethany Home.  It would be very much appreciated if you would help pass the word along and help show your support for this family that has provided so much to our club over the last two years.   If you have any questions, feel free to call me.


Once information about services are available, I will share that as well.  In liue of this event, the camping trip for next weekend has been changed into a banquet at Peter Piper Pizza.  The day and time will be determined once we know more about the Adames services.


Please keep Joe, Ben, and their entire family in your thoughts and prayers.

USATF Regionals

The Glendale Flash had an outstanding showing at the USATF Regional 10 Track and Field Championships in El Paso, Texas this past weekend.   Every athlete who attended qualified for nationals as well as earned a medal.  A number of personal bests were also accomplished.   Please check out the results page to see how specific athletes did.

The trip itself was also quite an enjoyment.  The team attended a local Texas league baseball game and watched fire works to celebrate the 4th of July.  The team visited a number of malls to do some window shopping and watch a movie.  The team visited an arcade and challenged each others lazer tag skills.  The team went swimming a number of times and enjoyed a lot of quality time in the car and around El Paso.  As the meet was held at the University of Texas El Paso, the team was able to tour the campus.  For many athletes this was a trip they will never forget.

Off and Running

The summer season is well under way and we are having a great time.

Athletes recently competed in the USATF AZ State Championship Meet. The Glendale Flash Running Club earned over 20 awards in the various events that they competed in. For some athletes this was their first meet ever and had the joy of experiencing what track meets are all about. For other athletes this was another opportunity to hone their racing skills.   Some athletes attempted events that they had not tried before, such as a sprint event or the steeplechase.   Coach and parents are extremely proud of their athletes for not only their athletic performance but also for their maturity, sense of responsibility, team companionship, and overall sportsmanship.   Here is to looking forward to many more meets with such great athletes, parents, and races!

What’s coming up?

Youth – the youth are going to continue to focus on building endurance with a bit of speed mixed in.  Introducing them to the running lifestyle over the past few weeks has been a pleasure.  The youth athletes are beginning to gain a better understanding of long distance running but have also expressed a desire to explore other track and field events.   This will be explore and encouraged as athletes this age should find what interests them and work on becoming great at that.  Parents should be prepared for that interest to change from week to week and support them to always fall back to the reliable long distance running events.   Youth athletes will have a focus on performing at the USATF Association Meet and attempting to qualify for the Regional Meet.

High School – the high school athletes are in a peculiar place during the summer.  We are wanting to perform and excel at the track events during the summer but are also wanting to ensure a base is formed for the upcoming high school cross country season.  The focus will be on building endurance with speed worked in.  We will continue to have our weekly mileage increase throughout the summer while constantly incorporating fartlek, tempo, and speed components.   High school athletes will attempt to qualify for Regionals and after Regionals all focus will be on building a cross country base (as the speed will already be there).


June 16 & 17 at Mesa Community College.   Athletes will need to let coach know what events they plan to compete in by June 11th.   Athletes should focus on events that they have a reasonable chance to place in the top 4 in, in order to qualify for Regionals.   Glendale Flash will put together as many relay teams as possible.   The top 4 finishers from the Association meet will qualify for the Regional meet.


July 4 – 8 in El Paso, Texas.   Athletes and parents should start planning now.  If you believe you have a chance to qualify and are wanting to compete in this next level of competition, now is the time to start setting aside the time and money for the trip.  We will be looking for a number of parents to drive with us to El Paso.  There are as many as 20 athletes on the Glendale Flash Running Club.  While not all of them will qualify, all are welcome to come on the trip.   That being said, it will require 7 vehicles to transport all those athletes and families.  I do not anticipate that all 20 athletes will be going to El Paso, however I do anticipate around 12 athletes making the trek.  This is most likely going to require 4 vehicles to travel.  Any youth athlete who plans to make the trip should plan to also bring an adult family member.   The cost per athlete right now is anticipated to be $300-350 for the five days (this includes gas money, hotel money, and food money).  Families that are traveling and are making their own accommodations and travel plans should talk with coach.   This is going to be an extremely fun and memorable trip.  Some financial aid is available for athletes who are in need.   Now is the time to start talking with each other about how great this is going to be!

Weather – Water – Food – Sleep

It is going to be getting hot.  Athletes, please make sure you are drinking water throughout the day before practice, bringing water to practice, and drinking water after practice.  Gatorade type drinks are great for right after practice.  Athletes, please make sure that you are eating at proper times.  You know when practice will be, so plan your meals accordingly.  As well, please make sure you are eating a full meal immediately after practices (best if that meal includes meat).  Athletes, it is understandable that during the summer months your sleep patterns may shift a little, but please ensure you are going to bed before midnight every night and getting up before 10 every morning.  Sleep is critical for your body to recover and heal.   Parents, please help provide those things listed above for your athletes to be at the physical peak.

Time & Location Change

Practice this weekend (Saturday - May 19) will be at Duck Park.  To get to Duck Park you take Peoria east from 19th ave.  It will turn to the right at 7th ave and the park will be on your left.   It is at 7th Ave & Mountain View.   The bathroom facilities there are usually open.   All athletes will begin their workout at 8am and will be done around 9am.


We will be at Duck Park next weekend also.

Fun for the WHOLE Family

Runners and families... the Glendale Flash Running Club is about making life long runners and athletes.  Because the majority of the athletes time and support comes from home, it is important for our athletes that they understand fitness is not just for them, but for everyone... for that reason and more, I would like to invite all the parents and family members of our athletes, and the athletes themselves to take part in the...

Glendale Flash Family Mile

This is a fun fitness activity.  We will walk at a casual pace and not worry about timing this mile.  As a group, we will walk a mile at the end of the youth practice / beginning of the high school practice.   This will provide a great opportunity for families to talk with their athletes about their running.  As well, everyone involved will get a little bit of extra exercise.  I encourage families to bring anyone and everyone.

We will do this at approximately 6:40pm on Wednesday Night (at the canals).   Please plan to bring a water bottle to carry with you.  Please come participate in this event to help show our youth and high school athletes that fitness and health are important parts of life at all ages and in all of our homes.


High School Steeple Athletes

We had our first steeple practice last week on the track.   For some athletes this was their first experience doing some steeple drills; for others it was a good refresher.   Steeple is not for everyone.  It is a very demanding event that focuses more on strength than on speed (for the most part).   It takes a lot of practice and can be very challenging.  This event is only offered to high school (Intermediate Boys & Young Men) athletes.  Those athletes who are interested in pursuing this event should plan to show up to track practices 1/2 hour early to do their warm up and drills before the full practice starts.  High school athletes are encouraged to talk to coach Schmitt about doing steeple chase if they have any questions or concerns.

First Practice

The summer track season is here!  Our first practice will be tonight at the GHS track.  Just a few reminders...

1. Athletes must have their registration form turned in to workout

2. Please bring a copy of your birth certificate as soon as possible (if I don't already have it)

3. Bring water!  It is going to be hot out and you will need / want water.

4. Youth workout starts at 6:00pm and goes to 7:00pm.

5. High School workout starts at 7:00pm and goes to 9:00pm.

6. Bring water!  Dehydration is nothing to play around with.


Workouts for the next two weeks are posted on the calendar and will be provided to athletes at practice tonight.  I am very excited about what our team will accomplish this season and in the future.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me 623.853.6903.   See you tonight :)

Summer Season 2012

Wow, I can not believe how fast this winter has gone by and now the spring is upon us and summer track will be starting.

The parent / information night is set for Monday - April 30th at 7:00pm on the GHS track.  If you are able to bring your registration form, that would be great.

Coach Schmitt will be talking about his expectations for the season and going over some of the logistics of the upcoming season.   Be sure to bring any questions you might have.


Athletes, please be on the look out for new members.  The club is only as successful as we make it, and the more elite runners we get, the better we all become.   Also, this is the perfect opportunity to bring our your younger brother to get him into running.  We have some great meets planned and a trip to El Paso which will not want to be missed.


The summer practice schedule will be posted soon.


Congratulations to all the runners who have been experiencing successes throughout the high school track season.  You are definitely setting yourself up for a great summer season.

PF Chang's 1/2 Marathon = Success!

This past Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, five members of the Glendale Flash Running Club competed in the PF Chang's 1/2 Marathon.   Every athlete ran faster than their goal time for the race and had a great time with the whole experience.

Jesus Guttierez finished 96th overall in the race in a time of 1:23.07. (4+ min PR)

Tim Millea finished 141st overall in the race in a time of 1:26.01. (7+ min PR)

Jesus Ontiveros finished 237th overall in the race in a time of 1:30.23. (new PR)

Nathan Villalobos finished 677th overall in the race in a time of 1:39.53. (30 sec PR)

Everett Martinez finished 772nd overall in the race in a time of 1:41.04 (new PR)

Coach Schmitt finished 49th overall in the race in a time of 1:18:56 (40 sec PR)


With over 15,000 runners, all of the Glendale Flash runners were in the top 95% of the finishers in the race.


A special thank you goes out to all the runners, family, and friends who came out to volunteer at the expo.


Coach, along with many of the runners, are looking forward to this event again next year.

Happy Holidays

It seems like the time is just flying by.  It will be 2012 before we know it.  The Glendale Flash is having a great off-season so far.  We are getting ready to bump up our mileage in order to prepare for the upcoming half marathon as well as using this to build a base for the upcoming track season.  Many of our runs will be focused less on speed and more on strength and endurance.  Athletes will build up to a 45 mile week in late January.  As this progression in miles occurs it is important that athletes are getting enough rest (sleep at night) and eating properly.  I know that the time off from school will often disrupt students sleep and eating patterns.  I encourage athletes to try and stick to a schedule as much as possible over break.  Athletes also need to listen to their bodies.  Small aches and pains now will only get worse as the mileage goes up if they are not cared for properly.  It is better to miss a week of off-season to heal an injury then miss a month of in-season training.

Practice times over winter break will be at 2PM.  This will allow for some warmer temperatures, running in the daylight and the use of the evening for more family time.


We are in need of as many volunteers to work the PF Chang's Expo as possible.  The expo is Saturday Jan 14th.  There are many options available for what volunteers can work.  Any athletes wanting to run the race are expected to volunteer at the expo.   The more volunteers we get to the expo, the more free entries we get.   Please help ensure that no athletes have to pay more than they should to run this race.   Having said that, the cost for the race is $140.  Athletes have two choices.  Find 20 volunteers (each) and earn a free entry or fund-raise the money.  (If athletes are going to raise the money, if they can get the money to me by 1/7 the price is only $120.)  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.  Also, if you know of a person or company that would like to sponsor an athlete to run this race, please pass along my information to them or vice versa.  The team has about 8 young men that are wanting to do this race.


I hope that everyone is able to have a very happy holidays.  If you are traveling please be safe and return ready to get back into the swing of things.  Over winter break I will be available for one-on-one running on non-practice days (just let me know).

Happy Running!

Break Over - Time to Run

Athletes and coach had a great two weeks off.  It gave us time to recover our bodies and our minds.  The focus for the next eight weeks is going to be on building a base for the upcoming HS track season.   We will be starting to add mileage quickly, so it is important that athletes listen to their bodies.  Make sure that you are resting on rest days and going easy on easy days.   Along with mileage we will also be incorporating a good amount of weights and body resistance training.   This is the time of year where we can add a bit of muscle in order to tone it into the running muscle that we really want.  The holiday season is quickly approaching and we want to ensure that our athletes are ready to bring in the new year in top physical and mental shape.

Practices will be added to the calendar ahead of time so that athletes and families can plan accordingly.  Please do note that practice times and locations are subject to change.   As we are in the winter months it is expected that all athletes will show up to practice with a long sleeve shirt to practice in and an extra long sleeve or hoodie to put on after.   A beenie is also advised for when temperatures drop below 45.

The Glendale Flash Running Club is more than just running though.  This past weekend, (Dec 4th) family and friends of the club showed up to volunteer at the Fiesta Bowl 1/2 Marathon.  Groups worked registration, t-shirts, banana's, cheese, water stations, course monitoring, garbage, and break down.   Event organizers were truly impressed by the hard work and dedication of our team.   We have built a great impression with them and talks are already in place for next years event with more volunteers and perhaps a large donation to the club.

Also looking ahead, there is the Jingle Bell Run (5k) on Dec 17th at Victory Lane Sports Park.  The race begins at 9AM (so I suggest you get there  before 8 in order to register and warm up.   The race is a lot of fun and you are welcome to bring a toy to donate as well.

Further in the clubs future is the PF Chang's Expo in which we are looking to get 200 volunteers.  Yeah, I said two hundred.   We will be working on Saturday Jan 14th.   We will mostly likely break down into two shifts (morning and afternoon).  Some people will be working the expo in the convention center and some people will be needed to help with the kids event that is taking place near by.   The Glendale Flash Running Club volunteers at this race in order to receive complementary entries into the race the next day.  The more volunteers we get, the more entries we get.  It is our goal that none of our athletes have to pay to run this race.   More details will follow as we get closer to the event.

Athletes, here are your nutritional and personal challenges for the next two weeks:


What is your favorite fast food burger?  Investigate how many calories are in that burger and how much fat is in that burger.  Identify another burger on the same menu that has less calories and fat, and explain why.


1. Spend an extra two hours preparing for your finals. 

2. Make 6 personal holiday cards (1 for each of your teachers). 

3. Seek out and confirm 5 people (counting yourself) that will be volunteering at the PF Chang’s Expo on Jan 14th.


Happy Running!

3 National Qualifiers ---- Change in Practice Plan ---- Turkey Trot



The Glendale Flash (GF) took a four-day trip this past weekend to Denver, Colorado to compete in the USATF Junior Olympic Region 10 Cross Country Championship.  The race was run at high elevation with quite chilly temperatures; however these factors were not able to stop the heart and desire of our GF athletes.  Joe Adames and Jesus Ontiveros both qualified and received medals in the young men’s race placing 14th and 17th respectively.  Juan Soriano also qualified and received a medal in the intermediate boy’s race placing 20th.  Jonathan Vargas just missed qualifying taking 23rd place while Albert Ramirez also competed strongly in the intermediate boys race.

The race itself was just a small part of the excitement of the trip.  Traveling by car, athletes and coach were treated to amazing views traveling through eastern Utah and the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Experiencing new and traditional cuisine along the way.  Taking part in philosophical discussion as well as silly discussion while singing along to the radio and listening to a few books on tape.  A trip full of experiences and memories that I am sure everyone will carry with them for many years.

Coach would like to thank everyone who went on the trip for a great traveling experience, as well as those who helped make the trip possible through contributions and donations.

Practice Plan

The Glendale Flash (GF) team will take the next two weeks off from running.  These two weeks will serve as the rest period between seasons that will allow athletes bodies to rest, recover, and transition into the new season.  This break was originally planned for mid-December, but has been moved for the following reasons:

·        It was originally planned around athletes going to nationals, which there are none.

·        The sooner we can take our break the sooner we can fully transition to base training.

·        Athletes bodies have been going hard for many weeks, and the rest is well deserved.

·        More training time for the PF Chang’s ½ marathon and track.

This does mean that we will be holding practice over winter break, athletes who will be in town and able to attend are encouraged to.  If you have any questions, regarding this change, please do not hesitate to get in touch with coach.  Also, please check the website calendar for upcoming and other practices.

Turkey Trot

Though athletes are on their two week break from running, that does not mean you cannot compete in the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot on Thursday November 24th in Anthem, AZ.  Athletes interested in competing in this race should contact coach through text message as soon as possible to get the info.


Happy Running!

Let the Season Begin

Tonight is the first practice of the winter Flash Cross Country season.  Practice will be at GHS on the track at 6:00 pm.  Again, only those athletes that are finished with their high school cross country season should be attending practice.  Other athletes are welcome to stop by and say hello, drop off registrations forms and fees, etc.

Please keep encouraging more athletes to come out for the team.  We had great success last year with larger numbers and I am sure we can do it again this year.

Workouts for the next two weeks are posted on the calendar.  Remember that they are subject to change.


Changes to Calendar

** We will not have practice on Saturday 10/29 so that we can all attend sectionals!

** We will not have practice on Monday 10/31 so that we can all attend Halloween!  The rule however is that by giving you the night off from practice that you will bring me 1/5 of your candy from trick-or-treating.


Happy Running!

Winter 2011 - Flash Cross Country Season

The Winter 2011 Glendale Flash Cross Country season is quickly approaching.   Wanted to bring a few things to everyone's attention.

1. Registration forms MUST be turned into coach before November 1st.

2. Practices for those finished with their high school season start next week (Mon 10/24)

     * You must have your signed registration form submitted in order to practice.

3. The practice scheduled for Saturday (10/29) is canceled as we will all be out at Skunk Creek cheering on the high school runners at their sectional meet.

4. More runners.   We are in need of more runners if we want to be able to register as full teams.   So recruit some guys and get them my information.

High School Cross Country Season

The high school cross country season is off and running, no pun intended... ok, maybe pun intended.

Glendale Flash athletes are competing at their respective schools and doing a great job.   They came into their season strong and ready to race and it shows.   Look forward to seeing me at high school meets around the valley to encourage our current athletes as well as looking for more runners to join the team.


We will be holding our winter informational and sign-up meeting on OCTOBER 11.  We will meet at 7:00PM on the Glendale High School track.   Please bring anyone that you think might be interested in joining along with your registration form.   It is important that we get registrations in and start building teams in October as the racing season starts immediately at the end of cross country.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.   See you soon!

Camping Trip Canceled    :(     Pizza Party Instead     :)

Runners and Parents,

Due to a number of different events that occurred, I have decided that it is in the best interest of all of us to cancel the end-of-season camping trip.   These reasons include: lack of transportation for all athletes, race we were going to help out at was canceled, our camping location was taken away, and a few other athletes individual concerns.   While it is unfortunate that the trip has to be canceled, we can still end the season on a positive note.   I understand that a couple hour pizza party cannot replace a three day camping trip, but I am sure we will make this just as great as anything else we would have done.


Pizza Party Details

Who: Athletes and Families

When: Sunday, August 7, 2011 @ Noon - 2:00ish

Where: Peter Piper Pizza

4315 W. Glendale Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85301

* Each person will need to cover the cost of their own meal and game tokens


Plan - Lets meet at Peter Piper Pizza at noon, order some pizza and sit around and talk with each other.  I would like to find some time during this event to meet with each athlete individually to discuss the season and future goals.   Then I would like to talk to the group as a whole about what we can expect for the upcoming Flash Winter Season.

I encourage athletes to bring those people that helped them throughout this season to celebrate a hard two and a half months of track and cross country preparation.

If you have any questions before this Sunday, do not hesitate to contact me.   I look forward to seeing all of you there this weekend.



Coach Schmitt

Regional Results and the next three weeks

I am happy to report that the Glendale Flash had a very successful weekend at the Junior Olympic Region 10 Track Meet over the July 9th weekend in New Mexico.    Three young men from the club went to compete and did very well earning multiple entries into the National meet.   Be sure to check out the results page as well as the photos page to see just how well they did and all the fun that we had as a team.   I am proud of all the athletes who competed this summer in the Junior Olympic program.

Athletes have also spent the last week training on their own to prepare for the upcoming cross country season.   Practices will resume Monday (7/18) as a team as we will all be focusing on the same goals and doing the same workouts now.   Be sure to checkout the practices page to see what you will be doing as a team and individually.

The team end of season camping trip is coming up quick, be sure to come to practice to get the details of the trip as we get closer.   I have no doubt that it will be the best one yet.

As the valley of the sun enters the monsoon season and the humidity rises, we need to remember to be drinking lots and lots of WATER!   The temperatures are still high and with the added humidity, dehydration becomes even more of a threat.   Please be sure you are drinking water all day, every day... especially in the hours approaching practice / workouts.   Then be sure to water back up again after working out.

I look forward to having a very effecient and useful three weeks of practice to prepare each athlete for their upcoming high school cross country seasons.   I will be looking to set up some one on one meetings with each athlete to review this past season and their goals for upcoming seasons.

Happy Running!

No Team Practice

Athletes and Parents... there will be no full team practices held from July 11 - 17.   I will be taking my personal time off.   Workouts will be posted on the website for athletes to complete on their own or meet with each other when possible (suggested that they meet together when possible).   We will meet again as a team on Monday July 18th at GHS at 6:00 pm.   If you have any questions or just want to say hi, I will still be available through text messages during that week.   Happy running!


Please start getting excited about the team camping trip that we will use to wrap up the season.   We will be going up to Flagstaff for a weekend of camping, running, and fun.   A general timeline looks like we will leave Glendale at 4:00 PM on Friday (8/5) and spend Friday and Saturday night up in the mountains.   We will return Sunday (8/7) morning and be back in Glendale around noon.    To help save on costs, I will be assigning each runner one meal that they will provide to the whole team while on the trip.    Also a small fee of $10 per athlete will pay for gas and camp fees.   I will also be looking for another parent to go who will be willing to drive and camp with us (no running required).   There will be more details provided as we get closer to the date.   This trip will be one to remember!

Practice Time Change

Due to the hot weather... we will be meeting at 8:00 AM at North Mountain on Fridays for the rest of the season.   This does not mean that you should still not be drinking a good amount of water before practice and bring water with you to practice.    Our runs will continue to get longer as the season progresses.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your coach.    Happy running!

Glendale Flash Advance to Junior Olympic Regional Meet

Last weekend (June 18-19) the Glendale Flash Running Club competed at the Junior Olympic Association Meet in Mesa, Arizona.   Teams from all over the state came to compete and qualify to move on to the Regional level which will be held in New Mexico from July 7 - 10.

Be sure to check out the results page to see how great our athletes did!

Glendale Flash will be sending Angel Vazquez, Joe Adames, and Jesus Ontiveros to the Regional Meet for their top four finishes in the 800m, 1500m, 3000m, and 2000m Steeplechase.    The athletes, parents, and coaches are looking forward to what is sure to be a great travel experience for everyone as well as some good regional level competition.

Athletes who are going onto the Regional Meet will continue to work on track while building strength endurance skills.    These skills will transition nicely when the time comes to prepare fully for cross country.

Athletes who are making the transition to full cross country training at this time are in for a treat as well.   I would like each of you to take some time off.   That's right, I said it... take some time off.   One week with no running!   I expect that you will do other physical activities (bike, swim, basketball, golf, etc) to stay active, but no running.   This is a time to allow your body a chance to recover as well as your mind a chance to transition.    The amount of fitness you may lose in the one week off will not have any significant impact on your training.    After your week off expect to come back and start ramping up the base mileage along with some tempo runs.

As the summer begins to get warmer, and boy is it getting warmer, I cannot express the importance of being hydrated enough!   WATER - WATER - WATER    Please be sure you are bringing a water bottle to every single practice.   On days when we are going for 4+ mile runs I would suggest you bring water with you in either a bottle or a camleback if you have one.    We will be training when it is 110+ degrees out.   There are some dangers associated with that, but with the right preparation it should not be an issue.   WATER - WATER - WATER   You need to be hydrated when you show up to practice.   The two hours before practice starts you should be drinking  a minimum of 20 oz of water.    Save the Gatorade till after practice.

Be sure to check out the site later in the week to see what new challenges await the athletes :)


As always, if you ever have any questions or needs, do not hesitate to contact me.   Parents or athletes!

Practice Change

The team practice that was scheduled for Tuesday 6/21 has been moved to Wednesday 6/22.   We will still meet at the GHS track at the normal practice times.   Please plan accordingly.

Flash Brings Home AZ Club Championship Hardware

This past weekend (June 4-5, 2011) the Glendale Flash Running Club competed in the Arizona State Club Championship Meet.    The team took seven athletes to the meet and competed in four different races.   All together the group brought home 4 medals and over 10 ribbons for our top finishes.   Be sure to check out the Results and Stats page to get specific times and places on your favorite Glendale Flash athletes.

The season is really off and running now, with one meet under our belt we are looking forward to the upcoming Junior Olympic Association Meet (June 18-19, 2011) where our athletes will look to qualify for the Junior Olympic Regional meet (July 9-10, 2011) in New Mexico.   We continue to work on our endurance and speed while also incorporating some new races such as the steeplechase.   Athletes are working hard to develop pacing and racing strategies and skills that will benefit them not only this season but in seasons to come.

Athletes, here are your challenges for the next two weeks...

Nutritional Challenge:

* Track the amount of water you drink for three days... Note at which times of the day you are hydrated and when you are not.  Draw conclusions from this data.

Mental Challenge:

* Figure out the mass (in pounds) of water that you drink over a three day period.   Assume the density for water stays at a constant 1 gram per milliliter.

Personal Challenge:

* Attend a performance. (band, art gallery, play, etc.)

* Pick up 100 pieces of garbage off the streets.

* High-five 10 random strangers.


Good luck with these and great job so far this season... bigger and better on its way!

Practice Times & Congratulations

As we had started out the season there was some interest by different types of runners in joining the group.   I had decided to accommodate the differences in these groups by holding different practice times.   After a week of no athletes choosing to show up at the alternate practice time, I will be canceling that option.   All runners interested in running for Glendale Flash will meet at the one scheduled practice time.   Please be sure to check the calendar on the website to double check practice times and locations.

This is a busy week for many of us as school comes to an end.   The team will only be practicing on Friday evening of this week (GHS at 6:00 PM).

I wanted to extend a special congratulations to the following Glendale Flash athletes who will be graduating this week.

* Angel Vazquez - Glendale High School

* Kameron Wallis - Glendale High School

* Andrew Espindola - Glendale High School


Nutritional Challenge:

* Eat something yellow everyday this week (cant use the same thing twice).   Tell me what it was.

Mental Challenge:

* Read a poem by Robert Frost.   Be prepared to tell me what its name was and what you think it was about.

Personal Challenge:

*  Donate something to someone you don't know.

* Ask someone for help doing something you already know how to do.

* Make someone older than you and someone younger than you smile / laugh.

Track 2011 Off and Running

The kick off meeting to the Summer 2011 Track season last night went great.   I am very excited to see a lot of new faces coming out to join the club this summer.   For the first time we have some young ladies interested in becoming elite athletes along with a younger group of runners looking to start their high school careers off on the best foot possible.   With these new groups also comes the traditional Flash group of high school boys.   With more top athletes from the local high schools coming together to run Flash, I am encouraged to build Regional and National level age group teams and relays.   I believe that the group of young men who are interested in running this season are going to blend well together and challenge each other at every practice and race to make each runner the best they can be.

With the two new groups of runners, I believe that it will be in the best interest for all athletes if practice times are staggered.   I understand that this may put some extra burden on families who have athletes in both groups, but for each runner to get the most beneficial experience and training, they should not all be training together.  I am going to plan that the female and non-high school (those athletes that have yet to compete one year in high school) meet forty-five minutes before the high school boys.   This will allow personalized attention and coaching, yet also provide a time for the full group to meet when necessary.   The practice times will be adjusted in the calendar.

The way this will look is that the female and non-high school boys will meet at 5:15 on practice nights.   They should be done by 7:15.   The high school boys will continue to meet at 6:00.   On our Friday trail runs we will still meet and run as a whole group all starting at 10:00 a.m.

Any athletes that missed the meeting last night, you are still more than welcome to join the club.   Talk to a friend who has already run on the Flash team or give me a call or email with any questions that you have.


All athletes -

* In order to practice I MUST have a signed registration form.

* In order to compete I MUST have a copy of your birth certificate and the first $20 of your registration fee.

Parents -

Thank you for willingness to support your athletes in pursuing greatness.    I encourage you to ask them how their running is going.    Talk to them about their races (but not right after the race... give them some time to process).    Please help ensure they have the energy they will need to be competitive, they will eat and drink a lot (that is normal with high level training).    When it comes to food, I don't like to tell athletes what to eat.   I will give advice on what is better to eat, but their diet should be determined by you and them.   What I do ask is that they eat right after practice.   It will be the most beneficial to them if they can have some carbs and protein within an hour of ending practice.    A ham sandwich, peanut butter and jelly, meat pasta, even a cheese burger would be good.    And lots of water.   Water during the day, water before practice, water during practice, water after practice, water at night.    Lastly, they will need some rest.   Teenage athletes should be getting eight hours of sleep a night as a minimum.    Lets all help out to see that they can get the rest they need.   I look forward to working with club parents throughout the season to go to meets and other events.   To help plan and carry out fundraisers.   If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


Nutritional Challenge:

* Track everything (and I mean everything) you eat for four days [Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday] in your notebook or on the back of your training schedule.   Then visit an online calorie tracking website (many require you to register but are free) and determine on average how many calories you eat per day.

Mental Challenge:

* Research what your lactate threshold is.    What is it?   When does it occur?   What does it do to your body?  How do you raise it?

Personal Challenge:

* Compliment a stranger.   * Thank a teacher.   * check your pink training schedule.

Summer Season Meeting

Runners and Parents,

We will be having a short informational meeting on Monday, May 9th.   We will meet at the Glendale High School Track from 6:00 - 7:00 PM.   We will be discussing our summer workout schedule, season expectations / goals, summer travel plans, and then going for a short run.   This would be a great time to bring your registration form and fee if you have them ready.

Upcoming workouts will be posted on the website calendar.   So please check in frequently for updates and workouts.

I'm looking forward to meeting with each of you to determine your goals this season and preparing you for your upcoming seasons and a lifetime of great running.

As always, do not hesitate to e-mail or call if you have any questions.


Coach Schimtt


Spring into Summer

Wow, I feel like it has been quite a while since I have posted any updates on here.

After such a successful winter season, I have been enjoying watching many of the athletes train and compete in the high school track season.    I see a lot of potential out there and am excited to see what this team can become this summer.   But it takes all of us.   We need to be asking our teammates to join.  We need to be asking our friends to join.   We need to be asking our little brothers to join.

The summer season will be on us before you know it.

Our first day of summer practice will be  Tuesday, May 17th - 6:00PM at the Glendale High School track.

Please plan to bring your registration form and payment.    Come prepared to workout and then discuss the season.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

In the meantime, if you want to keep me updated about how your track season is going, what PR's you have been setting or any races you want to invite me to come watch... just text me.

Keep up the hard work.  Happy Running!



Coach Schmitt

Team Banquet Canceled

Because of the weather and a few other factors we will not be having the team banquet after practice on Thursday.   I appreciate everyone who was prepared and excited about the event, but we will need to re-schedule it.    Please check back every so often to find when.


Also, be sure to check the website often to find out when we will be getting together to start preparing for the summer track season.    Keep your eyes and ears open for new runners and get them out to join us.   The more people the more fun.    If they have any questions, give them my contact information.


See ya'll in the summer!   Happy Running!


Coach Schmitt 

Last Two Weeks

Runners and families we are here, only two weeks away from the end of the winter club season.   The workouts for the last two weeks have been posted.   Practice will be at the normal times and locations but we will be focusing much more on track training than anything else.


The other addition is the Team Banquet.   We will be having a team banquet following practice on Thursday, Feb 3rd, 2011.    The banquet will be at Thunderbird Paseo Park (the Canals) from 7:00 - 8:00 PM.    It will be a pot luck event so families are encourage to attend and bring a dish to share.    There will be sign up sheet at Mondays practice for athletes to sign up for something.   This is a great way for the families to meet, spend some time together and for myself to thank them for all their dedication to their athletes passion.    A few awards will be handed out.    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Athletes, as our winter season ends and your spring season begins, there are a few things to keep in mind...

* Stay hydrated

* Get lots of sleep

* Stretch

* Work your hardest

* Be ready for SUMMER TRACK

     - Trips to Albuquerque and Flagstaff are in the works :)


Also, please don't forget to check out our sponsors page as more community businesses and persons dedicate their time and resources to making this club a success.    And feel free to sign the guest book!

Rock N Roll

The Glendale Flash Running Club rocked and rolled through another half marathon this past weekend.   The PF Chang's Rock-N-Roll Arizona Half Marathon was a huge success.   After getting a group of 22 people together to work at the expo, Competitor Group was able to provide free entries to a number of our runners allowing many club runners to run this race.

Be sure to check out the results page and see how our runners did.

Also be sure to check out the photos page to see some great shots of us working at the expo with our friends and us out on the race course and at the post race concert.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible.   The athletes had a great time and are definitely looking forward to this event again next year!


The Glendale Flash Running Club will now transition into preparing for the upcoming track season that starts in about three weeks.    Runners have built a strong base by preparing and running in the half marathon and will not begin to build some speed into their workout regiments so that they are ready to join their high school teams in top physical shape.


See y'all out there.



Coach Schmitt

PF Chang's Half Marathon

Runners, friends of runners, family of runners, anyone associated with running... this is our chance to give back to the running community that provides so much for us.

The Glendale Flash Running Club will be volunteering their services at the PF Chang's Rock-N-Roll Expo on Saturday from 1 - 7 PM.   We will be handing out t-shirts and goodie bags to runners.

This event can help in multiple ways...

1. All volunteers will receive 8 hours of community service time

2. We will be able to experience more than just the race, and interact with more runners

3. We can give back to the running community that has provided so much for us

4. The club will build a relationship with the Rock-N-Roll group to hopefully provide more opportunities to compete in their races at a reduced rate in the future.

5. It will provide everyone the opportunity to come down and have fun!


The goal is to get 15 people to the event.   So I'm asking all club runners to ask their family and friends to come help out with this event.   The more people we have, the easier and more fun with will be.

See the Calendar for details on when and where to meet and what to bring.


If you have any question, please contact me.



Coach Schmitt

Jingle All The Way

The Glendale Flash Running Club competed in the Jingle Bell Run this past weekend at the Adobe Dam recreation park.   Strong runs by Andrew and Coach Schmitt were good enough to earn both of them an award.    Both runners beat Santa in the race and were quite satisfied with their runs.


The holiday season is upon us and the club and coaches would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Workouts are posted for the holiday break, be sure to check them out and if you have any questions, text coach.


Our next practice will be on Jan 3rd at Glendale High School Track at 5:00PM.    Most of us will continue training for the upcoming half marathon and a few of us will begin our base training for the upcoming track season. 

Glendale Flash Competes at Junior Olympic Nationals

The Glendale Flash running club sent one of their young men runners, Angel Vazquez to the National Junior Olympic Cross Country Meet in Hoover, Alabama this past weekend.    The race was Saturday, December 11th.   Angel placed 65th overall in a time of 17:48 on the very challenging 5000 meter course.   This finish placed him as the first runner in from Arizona and the third runner from our region.

Along with the race, Angel experienced many benefits of a trip to nationals.   Opening ceremonies which included a talk with 10000 meter record holder Chris Slonsky... Exploring Birmingham... Touring Samford University and the University of Alabama - Birmingham... The Civil Rights Institute... The McWane Science Center... local area Malls... and running on local trails.

Be sure to check out the pictures from the trip under the photos tab.

Glendale Flash running club looks forward to sending more and more athletes to Nationals as our teams continue to grow in strength, talent, and numbers.


All club runners should now be on the 1/2 Marathon Training plan.

Turkey Trot Success for Glendale Flash

Four member of the Glendale Flash team went to Anthem on Thanksgiving morning to race in the 5k and 10k Turkey Trot.

Runners Andrew, Jared and Kameron along with Coach Schmitt got out there with windy - 46 degree temperatures and raced some great races.

Results and pictures are up, go check them out.   Glendale Flash is looking forward to also competing in the upcoming Jingle Bell Run.

On behalf of Coach Schmitt, Glendale Flash would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving Day. 

Young Men Qualify for USATF National Meet

At the Region X Junior Olympic Cross Country meet this past weekend, Glendale Flash runners, Angel Vazquez and Jose Flores qualified for the National competition to be held in Hoover Alabama on Dec 11th.   Angel placed 4th in the young mens race, followed closely by Jose who took 16th.

The intermediate boys just missed qualififying, however a personal best was set by Julio Valverde on the Victory Lane course by 40 seconds.

Congratulations to all the Flash runners who competed.


Runners, you are now at a choice in your training.   You can continue training for the 5k, or you can begin training for the half marathon.    On the calendar you will see workouts for both paths.


Keep up the hard work.


This weeks nutrition challenge is:

* Seperate your dinner into thirds (by volume) of Meat - Grain - Veggie.    Either take a picture or draw a diagram and send it to Schmitt.    Eating healthy will help you live healthy and run faster.


-- Coach Schmitt 

Glendale Flash Qualifies for USATF Regional Meet

Every member of the Glendale Flash qualified for the USATF Junior Olympic Regional Meet by finishing in the top 25 of their race this past weekend at the Arizona State Championships Association Meet.


Better than that, every member of the Glendale Flash finished in top 7 of their race, earning them each a medal.


Results from the meet for the Glendale Flash can be found in the Results and Stats on the website.


Nice job runners. 

Winter Races

Here is the list of possible winter races that the club will compete in.


As a club we will decide to either compete in the Junior Olympic Cross Country events or the Nike Cross Country events.   Due to time and money constraints, we can not do both.


As an individual runner, you will have the option to do any of the road races that the club is competing in.  Pick and choose the ones you want or do them all, its up to you.



13th - Junior Olympic Associations - Tempe, AZ - Free 

20th - Junior Olympic Regionals - Phoenix, AZ - Free

20th - Nike Regionals               - Tempe, AZ - $25 / athlete

25th - Turkey Trot - Anthem, AZ - $30 / athlete



4th  - Nike Nationals - Portland, OR - $500 / athlete *

11th - Junior Olympic Nationals - Hanover, AL - $650 / athlete **

18th - Jingle Bell Run - Glendale, AZ - $25 / athlete



16th - PF Chang's 1/2 Marathon - Tempe, AZ - $ 115 / athlete 


* 4 day trip includes airfare, hotel and food

** 5 day trip includes airfare, hotel and food 

1st Winter Practice

What's up runners?!?

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on when winter practice will be starting...




Please bring your registration sheets to the first practice.


Also, I had found a few scholarships to help out with the membership fee for new and returning runners.   Please send me an e-mail or give me a call if this is something that you and your family will be in need of.


As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or just to chat.   Hope all is well.


PS. If you are interested in coming to cheer for the 100 mile run finish on Saturday (Oct 23rd) night / early Sunday morning, speak with Coach Laue about travel arrangements.


-- Coach Schmitt 

Winter Season 2010 - 2011

Hey Runners!

 The winter cross country club season will soon be upon us.   I am very excited about getting the club going again and seeing what we can do this winter to make you all better athletes.

 Here are some things to look forward to this winter...

* Great training

* Multiple Races here in the valley

* The opportunity to travel for regional / national level competition

* Training for and competing in the PF Chang's 1/2 Marathon 

* Being prepared for the spring track season


I will be updating the calendar with workout dates and time in the near future, so check back often.

 Remember we are always looking for more runners.   The more athletes we have, the more fun we have and the more things we can do. 

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail.

See you soon Runners!

-- Coach Schmitt

PS. Seniors, if I have not already started meeting with you to set up your college applications, please give me a call so that we can get that started. 

End of Summer Season 2010

Congratulations athletes!

The summer 2010 track season was a great time.   For our first season, I think we did some great things and I am looking forward to bigger and better things in the upcoming winter season and year to follow.

 Your bodies are ready for the high school cross country season, but you must be patient with them.   They are strong, but tired.   Let your high school coach take you to that next level of what your body needs.

You each contributed parts to this season that made it just what I thought it would be, thank you.    I encourage you to stay in contact with me through e-mail.

I will be contacting you in mid October to begin setting up the winter cross country season.   In the mean-time please actively seek out other members to join the club.   The more athletes there are, especially from other schools, the better the club will be... so spread the word.

 Again, thank you for a fantastic season.    The best of luck to all of you in your upcoming high school cross country season.   I will see you around.


-- Coach Schmitt 

Your tired bodies...

Runners... I can see many of you struggling with the increase in milage.   Please be sure you are communicating any problems you are having (injuries, pains, etc.) to me as soon as possible.   Also, please be sure that you are getting enough sleep [and at the right times... before midnight!].   Don't forget to stay hydrated and refill the food tanks.


I brought the milage down just a little to give your body some time to adjust.   Don't be afraid of the challenge, face it head on and conquer it.


-- Coach Schmitt 

More Milage

We are introducing long (and I mean long) runs into the workout schedule now.   Please make sure that you have eaten two good meals the day of the long run and you dont show up hungry.


Friday will be killer on your legs.   I suggest you plan to take an ice bath when you get home... 15 minutes sitting your bathtub filled with the coldest water you can get from the faucet and perhaps a bag of ice.    Immediately following those 15 minutes, stand up and take a hot shower.   Right after the hot shower, go through the stretch routine again... then eat a nice big meal.


I am looking for a race for us to compete in on an upcoming week end.   If you have an preferences, let me know ASAP.


This week our milage is at 39!


-- Coach Schmitt 

Bump in Milage

Runners... We are making a rather large bump up in our weekly milage.   What does this mean for you...?

1. Pay attention to your body....

* If its tired, go easier, or rest

* If its hurting, give me a call or e-mail... don't try and power through it

* Keep eating and drinking like normal... drink more water when possible

2. More dedication will be needed...

* We are going to start to incorporate 2-a-days, so check the calander

* Dedicate to getting enough sleep and eating and drinking properly

* Help motivate each other and keep each other accountable

3. This will not pay off immediately, but will have lasting effects for your high school XC season

* Right now we are going to work on strength, your high school coaches will work on speed when the season starts

* You may experience times getting slower, thats ok, your body is doing more work, give it time

* Remember, its not who wins in September, its who wins in November


Our goal is to get our weekly milage up to around 50 just before you start your high school season... This week we are at 34!


Keep up the good work.


-- Coach Schmitt 

Friday's Practice 6/25

Practice will start at 8AM instead of 10AM.   As the summer continues to get warmer, meeting a little earlier will be a benifit to us.    Please dont forget to also bring your water sack though.


See you on the mountain!


-- Coach Schmitt

Practice on Monday 6/21 is Canceled 

Since you guys worked so hard at the meet this weekend and won so many awards, lets take Monday off and I will see you again on Wednesday.   Please get in contact with one another to arrange transportation.


-- Coach Schmitt 

Daily Practices

Hey Runners!


I will attempt to get the daily practices posted on the calendar on Sunday for the upcoming week.    This should help you plan out how to best prepare for practices and remind you what you should be doing each day.


Keep up the hard work.   Im proud of you.


-- Coach Schmitt 

June 6 - 9 Practices

Athletes and parents, due to the coaching staff being absent at an educational conference, the scheduled practice on June 7th is canceled.    Practice will resume again on Wed 6/9 at PM at the Canals.

Athletes, please use the attached workout schedule as a guide until the 9th.

Sunday June 6th - 4 miles easy

Monday June 7th - 6 miles (1 mi WU - 4 mi Fartlek [Sprint 1 light pole, Run 4 light poles] - 1 mi CD)

Tuesday June 8th - REST

Wednesday June 9th - Regular practice at the Canal at 6PM (mile repeats)


See you soon!


-- Coach Schmitt 


Due to the holiday weekend, the 6PM practice at Glendale High School has been canceled.   Practice will resume again on Wed 6/2 at 6PM at the Canal.    Athletes are expected to get in an easy 3-4 miles on the Monday holiday.


-- Coach Schmitt